True Facts Of Arthur Clutterbuck: The son of Andrew Lincoln

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Andrew Lincoln, a well-known British actor, was the father of Arthur Clutterbuck. His nationality is English. He comes from a family with a strong history in the entertainment industry; his father is the worldwide well-known English actor Andrew Lincoln. An appearance in “The Walking Dead” episode recognizes Andrew Lincoln. He continued to obtain roles in TV shows and films, showcasing his skill and love for performing.

Arthur Clutterbuck was born on August 23, 2010, and was 13 years old in 2023. His birthplace is London, England. Arthur Clutterbuck is a charming young man who immediately grabs attention with his pleasant attitude. Arthur is his nickname. His cultural background is mixed. Although he is a child, his clothing is neat and stylish.

In this post, we’ll further detail Arthur Clutterbuck, a young man whose father is a well-known actor best recognized for his outstanding performances in movies and television shows.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s family

His father is an actor with a background in entertainment. Arthur’s wealthy parents give him an impressive fortune. The parents of Arthur were wed on June 10, 2006. Matilda Clutterbuck, Arthur’s elder sister, was born in 2007. Alongside his older sister Matilda Clutterbuck, he rose. His mother is Gael Anderson, and his father is the actor Andrew Lincoln.

His mother is Ian Anderson’s daughter. Ian Anderson is a famous singer and songwriter. Ian Anderson was the primary singer for the band Jethro Tull. When you look into Arthur Clutterbuck’s background, you’ll find that his family works in the television industry. James Anderson was Arthur’s great-grandfather and Richard Clutterbuck’s nephew.

Facts of Arthur’s Education

He is currently enrolled in a high school in London for his education.

Accurate Height and Weight

Accurate Height and Weight

Arthur’s mother is a loving and caring mother who ensures he eats a balanced diet of good food. His body is, therefore, in good shape and condition. Arthur Clutterbuck stands about 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 40 kilograms.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s career

Arthur Clutterbuck is only a young child and has yet to start working. His parents are TV and film professionals. Andrew Lincoln, his father, is a famous British actor.  However, they are currently concentrating on providing him with a typical childhood.

Andrew Lincoln began his career in 1994 with Egg in This Life and Drop the Dead Donkey. He went on to star in series such as Wuthering Heights and The Woman in White. In addition, Andrew worked on movies such as Gangster No. 1 and Human Traffic. He won praise for The Walking Dead.

He was awarded “Performer of the Week” honours by TVLine for the season 3 episode “Killer Within” and the season 5 episode “Try.” He stood out in particular episodes. He played his first non-Walking Dead role in the drama Penguin Bloom in 2019.

He played Simon Casey in Teachers and Julian Latimer in State of Mind in 2001. After that, he acted in over 40 films and television shows.

“Red Nose Day Actually,” “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Strike Back,” and “The Walking Dead” are a few of his works. His role in “The Walking Dead” earned him awards and was nominated for various prizes. He received 18 nominations and five wins overall.

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Analyze Author’s Net Worth

He enjoys his parent’s wealth while being too young to work or follow his goals. As of November 2023, his father Andrew’s net worth is expected to be over $16 million, with an income of about $650,000.  

The End 

Andrew Clutterbuck is a thirteen-year-old with a wealth of entertainment and family history. He is a high school student in London and enjoyed a typical childhood because of his parents’ focus on a complete childhood. Although his father has received recognition in his acting field, Arthur has yet to launch his career. Because of Andrew’s net worth of over sixteen million dollars, Arthur will enjoy a comfortable upbringing and a bright future.

Common Questions: Arthur Clutterbuck, Andrew Lincoln’s son

Who is the Arthur Clutterbuck?

Arthur Clutterbuck, 13 years old, is the son of actor Andrew Lincoln.

What country of birth was Arthur Clutterbuck?

Arthur Clutterbuck was born in London, England, on August 23, 2010.

Why is Andrew Lincoln’s popularity in the entertainment business?

Andrew Lincoln, an internationally renowned English actor, is most known for his part in “The Walking Dead.”

What do you know about Arthur’s family members?

Matilda Clutterbuck, Arthur’s older sister, and his parents, Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson, make up Arthur’s family. The family has experience in the entertainment business.

What culture does Arthur come from?

Despite his young age, Arthur, who comes from a mixed-ethnic family, has become known for his attractive and fashionable clothes.

Where is Arthur right now, studying?

For education, Arthur is presently enrolled in a high school in London.

What are the height and weight of Arthur’s body?

Arthur Clutterbuck is about 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighs roughly 40 pounds. 

Has Arthur worked in the entertainment sector from the beginning?

Arthur is not yet working; he is only a small child. His parents’ present priority is to provide him with a conventional education.

What do you know about the history of Andrew Lincoln’s profession?

After starting his acting career in 1994, Andrew Lincoln has appeared in many television programs and film roles, receiving fame, particularly for his performance in “The Walking Dead.”

What is the net income of Andrew Lincoln?

By November 2023, Andrew Lincoln is expected to have a net worth of over $16 million and an annual income of over $650,000. Arthur benefited from his parents’ wealth during the early stages of his life.