How to Become a Buyer for a Fashion Company

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Who think out of the box, therefore success come at their doorstep, its reality of this era. If you are one of them and interested in the fashion, even you can become a fashion buyer for a company.

If you are crazy regarding fashion innovation, and you have skills to deal with people, such as communication skills and a capability of predication fashion trends.

You have choice of fashion buyer if you are productive and acquire extraordinary business awareness, even analytical skills and problem handler.

If you think, what is a fashion buyer? As a fashion buyer, you will work with companies, department stores, and retailers to assist them in making purchasing decisions. You help them to promote their brands, such as Avant-Garde Fashion.

You will take-part an essential role in the companies, corporate offices, and department stores. A fashion buyer can affect the income of companies, retailers, and department stores. They depend on them to bring stocks because a fashion buyer is an expert in this field.

Stay with us and learn the process step-by-step how to become a buyer for a fashion company.

What are the Responsibilities of Fashion Buyer?

A fashion buyer’s responsibilities are to identify new trends. In addition to managing the stocks to offer customers fulfillment and satisfaction of customer needs,

Fashion buyers identify manufacturing sites for new products to buy and communicate with suppliers. 

Some other roles of fashion buyer
  • Manage the product price
  • Make strategies
  • Developing relationships with suppliers
  • Suppliers meet target
  • Figure out buying trends
  • Monitor products

What are the Gender Gap and statistics of fashion buyers?

GenderGender RatioGender Pay GapAge Ratio
Male15.5%$56,51233-45 Years
Female84.5%$55,22833-46 Years

Fashion Buyer Gender Ratio Year Wise


What is the importance High School Diploma?

There are different preferences of companies regarding education. There are some companies that require a high school diploma and why it’s an important.

A high school diploma prepares fashion buyers in mathematics and accounting for a career in fashion buying. And they involve the participants in different activities that can help them to develop interpersonal skills.

Why do the Companies Demand Bachelor’s Degrees?

If you have a bachelor’s degrees, then you will get more opportunities in your professional life. You can become ambassador of the brands, such as fashion nova ambassador. But a high school diploma can help you only in entry-level jobs.

Large companies demand bachelor’s degrees from fashion buyers. They want to prefer marketing knowledge, and their employees should have marketing knowledge.

Bachelor’s degree help you in accounting, statistics analysis, economic theory, and customer behavior.

Here’s details of bachelor’s degrees
  • Bachelor of Science in Merchandising: You can get knowledge about communication, product development, and the process of manufacturing
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing: Preparing regarding public relations, marketing, and advertising
  • Bachelor in Fashion Design: Get knowledge regarding the fashion industry and garment preparing
  • Bachelor of Science in business administration: Educate you regarding management, accounting, and finance.

Fashion buyer statistics of degrees

Degree LevelPercentages
High School Diploma4%
Other Degrees2%

Get Knowledge and Experience in the fashion industry

You should know industry trends and customer needs. You should have knowledge regarding latest trends, such as cotton on fast fashion. For that purpose, you can read fashion articles and fashion magazines.

You should have experience in the fashion industry and how to get it. You can apply for a fashion internship, entry-level jobs, and job in an organization. 

Get Knowledge before Interview

You should visit the company website and social media account before joining an interview. These activities provide you with knowledge about company culture. This information can help you in the interview. So get ready for interview.


If you want to become a fashion buyer for a company, you should get knowledge latest trends in the industry. You will get a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree. t will help you in your professional career. 

You should get experience in the fashion industry. If you want to success as a fashion buyer, you need to have read the complete blog post.