How to Become a Fashion Nova Model

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Are you excited for become a Fashion Nova Model? They are thousands of people who would desire to be able to say that they would like to start a modeling career with a reputable clothing brand. 

If you have to wish to become a model then this blog post right place for you. We have described step-by-step complete details on how to become a model with Fashion Nova. These are simple steps such as portfolio, and following the respective brand on social media.

If you will use social media then you fulfill your other desire to fashion influencers. If you want to become a model then it’s necessary to get information about the Nova brand. Let’s know about the Nova brand.

Richard Saghian founded Fashion Nova in 2006 and it’s an American fashion retailer. Fashion Nova is a clothing brand and a reputable brand of fast fashion.

The brand sells the following items:

  • Dresses
  • Coats 
  • Jackets 
  • Shoes 

Their prices are affordable to women, Men, and Kids all over the world. They are popular for their unique design and size range. They produce 600 new styles every week.

Keep a Professional Portfolio

The first question that comes to your mind is, why professional portfolio essential? Because a portfolio demonstrates you in front of your future boss without a physical appearance.

If you want to become a professional model then you will follow to making a professional modeling portfolio and it will play a key role in your success.

  • Select a Collection of Garment from Fashion Nova

Keep in mind your purpose, if you want to become a Fashion Nova model then you should represent Fashion Nova garments. Make sure to add the Fashion Nova clothes to your portfolio. 

Whenever the brand casting representative can see how you are using the brand’s clothing, as well as he will notice that you are contributing to the company’s success.

Appoint a Professional Modeling Photographer

You should hire a professional photographer who takes your professional photographer. Make sure that he has knowledge of fashion photography or creative photographer and specializes in photography.

Professional modeling photographers can assist in your attempt for the perfect portfolio. He understands how to assist you in clothing the complementary dress for you. 

He has vast experience in posing and how to arrange the lighting for your best pictures. Professional modeling photographers have knowledge about the best location for modeling photographs. Because the best photographs help you in your portfolio.

If you have no money then ask your friend to take pictures with a quality camera.

Put in order Your Portfolio

Now you have all the requirements of the portfolio because you have professional photographs. So you will select 6-8 photos that are the best representative of you and your personality. You can include placing these pictures in your portfolio. 

You should incorporate your weight, measurements, and contact info. You can include your modeling experience if you have one. It’s necessary to arrange your portfolio because the best portfolio helps you in the selection.

After the completion of the portfolio, now you will take a few steps to become a fashion Nova Model.

Follow Fashion Nova on Social Media Platform

You should follow Fashion Nova on their official social media accounts. Then you should inform about the potential model because you can know about the latest news and product regarding the fashion world. 

You can share new fashion products and information regarding fashion nova. You can share your pictures in the dress Fashion Nova. These all activities help you to get approach a fashion nova casting agent. 

You can follow fashion nova on TikTok and also share your pictures and videos on Tiktok. It also helps you to fashion influencer on TikTok.

When you are active on social media then it might be possible Fashion Nova casting team to direct approach you. Otherwise, you can get updates about their modeling opportunities.

Sign Up for Fashion Nova Mailing List and Get the Opportunity

You should sign up for the Fashion Nova mailing list because it’s an essential step to becoming a Fashion Nova model. You will be able to know more about casting opportunities. 

You will inform about new products in stores, and also take the opportunity of sales and discounts. The mailing list is an easy way to know about all opportunities.

Fill Out the Contact Form for Fashion Nova to become a Model

In this process, you will visit the Fashion Nova website and then click on “Apply Now”, it will take you to the application form. The application form requires basic info and pictures that show your modeling ability.

Attend the Casting Team Call

The casting team will call you and must attend the call. Now you can express your ability and personality. Be confident during the call. They can ask you for modeling, video presentation, and present yourself as a brand model. 

You will showcase your personality and modeling abilities because this call will get you to your dream. This process has no charges and you fashion influencer with no money

Represent Yourself as a Professional 

Now you will present yourself as a professional because it’s important for your future. You are the next Fashion model of Fashion Nova. You will not let anyone down and don’t be rude. don’t forget your next model of Fashion Nova.

Keep Your Details Updated & Wait For A Call-back

Keep your portfolio ready and make professional relations with studio staff. Then your profile will forward and select you for the project.

When you fill out the contact form then make sure that you fill correct mailing address. Because it’s necessary to provide an updated email and phone number. 

Therefore you need to update your outdated data because they will contact you if you are the next model.


If you know how to pose and face the camera then you will become a model. Because there is no need for specific skills. You need accurate measurements. If you have experience then you will be the next model.