Can You Bring A Knife In A Checked Bag internationally?

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Knives are kitchen-cutting tools. We use them to cut anything. It is a utensil with a blade to cut and a handle to grip it. The blade is the central part of the body. The most essential characteristics of the knife are material, size and shape.

When you go to fly, sometimes you need any fruit or bread to cut. Can you bring a knife in a checked bag internationally? It is risky and conspicuous to transport it. Sometimes, it’s fine to have it with you. If you are going on an international flight, you must declare you have a knife.

You can take a plastic or butter knife with you in the luggage. It should not be sharp. If there is any sharp thing or blade in your bag, you should pack it wisely. 

It delays security checking if you have such kind of thing. In this article, you will see ways to pack a knife, knives you can take, and tips to avoid fatigue. You will also study penalties for illegal possession.

Ways to pack a knife in a checked bag

If you pack a knife in a better way such that no one can see it, it will be the best way to pack. Here are some tips you must know to pack:

  • Take a solid suitcase with you so that it does not break. Sometimes your suitcase falls; use a good one to prevent it from crushing.
  • Put the knife in the middle of a suitcase or any pocket. Ensure that there are clothes around it.
  • You can write a note and use it as an envelope to keep it. This is a way to inform the security officers.
  • Lock your suitcase to prevent the access of other people and security.

Knives You Can Bring in A checked bag on international flights

Some knives you can bring with you on international flights. Can you bring a knife in a checked bag internationally? Pocket Knives are present in the back pockets. 

They are safe to use. If you close and secure it, you can bring it in packed luggage on an international flight. This is a kind of security in your trip. 

Utility Knives are the same as pocket knives. When you pack them, remove the razors from the knife. Identical to pocket knives, utility knives make an excellent carry.

Essential Considerations for International Travelers

International Travelers

At the start, it may be difficult to travel. You have to go through difficulties when you travel at the beginning. There are some essential considerations you keep in mind when you travel:

  • The first and most important thing to remember is to prepare all your documents. They may be visas, passports etc.
  • Spend time to research where you want to go. You must know what is legal and illegal at your destination.
  • Before booking a flight, estimate the cost that you have to take with you.
  • If you have a credit card, ensure it works in other countries. Some countries need credit cards with chips.
  • Book all the things in advance. If you are last minute traveler and you do not book anything. It is difficult for you to adjust to that area.

Tips to avoid travel fatigue

To recover from a long flight is challenging. Pack some travel medication with you. Give yourself enough time to explore the place you are visiting. 

Some travellers want to search more areas in a short time. They realize that some of their time is lost during their journey. Give time to yourself to recover from fatigue.

Penalties for Illegal Possession of a Knife

Only some kinds of knives are allowed on international flights. If you have it during your journey, you face a criminal conviction. It depends on the country’s criteria.

 This is unlawful and illegal to have it in your journey. If you have, you can have a penalty of one year in jail. I can also fine you for having an illegal knife.

Length and Blade Restrictions for Knives in Checked Bags

In general, you can bring all kinds of knives with you. It does not depend on blade length. In some countries, different types of blades are illegal. They are above 4-6 inches. It depends on where you are flying and the laws in that country.

In hand luggage, except few countries, you are not allowed to bring it. In the US, all kinds of blades are not allowed. Canada and New Zealand do not allow knives with lengths less than 6cm. In the UK, without any reason, any knife is not allowed.


International travelling with knives requires careful attention to guidelines. It is to ensure a smooth journey. Knife in checked bags is risky. It raises security concerns. Plastic or butter knives are allowed in checked luggage. Securely pack sharp objects to prevent delays at security checkpoints. Writing a note to inform security officers and locking the suitcase can further enhance security.

Specific knives, such as pockets and utility, can be carried in checked bags. Can you bring a knife in a checked bag internationally? Fixed-blade knives may also be allowed. It is important to research specific destination regulations. International travellers should consider more than just knife transportation. Gather all travel documents and estimate expenses are preparation to avoid last-minute complications.


Should I wrap or sheathe my knife before packing it in my baggage?

It is better to wrap it to prevent blade damage. But use a hard material to cover. 

Can I carry a blade in my carry-on baggage?

No, you can’t bring a blade in your carry-on baggage.

Do I need to declare my knife when packing it in checked baggage?

It depends on the size and type of blade. Usually, declare the knives with blades longer than 4 inches. Contact the airline to confirm that you have declared it.

Will the rules be different depending on the airline?

No, All airlines follow TSA rules for checking purposes.

What size knife is illegal in New York?

New York does not allow to have it with a blade 4 or more than 4 inches.