Finding the Secret History of Chad Boyce, “The 100”  

By Alyssa Kingsbury

When Chad Boyce died unexpectedly, shockwaves swept across headlines worldwide. Chad Phillip Boyce, affectionately known as Chad Boyce, was more than just a talented cameraman; his vision brought visual magic to “The 100.” 

2018 Chad’s journey ended when he was creating “The 100.” He was known for his tireless commitment to environmental causes. He championed sustainable filmmaking and was active in conservation work.

Fans of “The 100” may remember Chad Boyce; he especially left his mark. It was the cameraman behind the camera who made a memorable impression, not the one in front of it. But the shocking news of his untimely death in April 2018 shocked everyone, including his close friends and family and the show’s passionate fans.

In this post, we’ll uncover the circumstances surrounding his untimely departure and celebrate this unsung hero’s remarkable life behind the scenes.

The Man Who Created “The 100”

Even though he didn’t perform well, Chad Boyce—also known as Chad Phillip Boyce—was a vital cast member. He put in a lot of effort as a cameraman, catching the scenes that made the show come to life. His contribution was significant. Behind the scenes, he was the unsung hero who captured the moments that made “The 100” come to life.

A Journey through Cinema:

In 2002, Chad began his career as a cinematographer and camera trainee on the movie “Punch.” His love for the work took him on a fantastic path, ultimately bringing him a position in British Columbia, Canada, with the International Cinematographer Guild 669 (ICG). Serving as a second assistant cameraman there, he was acknowledged for his efforts on television series, including “Riverdale,” “Wynonna Earp,” and “Underwater podcasts.” Many people are unaware of Chad’s life story, there is no denying his influence on “The 100” and the field of photography.

The Sudden Death:

Chad Boyce was born in Vancouver, Canada, on September 23, 1978. His untimely death on April 17, 2018, shocked everyone. Chad Boyce may not be widely recognized outside of “The 100,” but he was essential as the show’s devoted cameraman. In addition to leaving a space in the series, his untimely death broke the hearts of those who knew how dedicated he was. Chad was famous for his strong health, which added to the mystery surrounding his unexpected death.

Cause of his death:

People started talking about Chad’s possible cause of death on the internet after the initial shock. Some feared an overdose of drugs, while others believed there might be medical problems. There were a lot of questions because he was only about 40 when he passed unexpectedly. The actual reason behind Chad Boyce’s death is still a puzzle despite extensive inquiries by the police and other authorities. We won’t know the true story behind his untimely passing until we obtain strong and trustworthy facts to solve this mystery.

A Hidden Hero:

The makers of “The 100” made the emotional decision to recognize Chad Boyce’s significant achievements. A sad statement on the screen during the fifth episode of Season 4 said, “In Loving Memory of Chad Boyce.” This tribute highlighted his significant impact on the show and the crucial role he played behind the scenes.

About Chad Boyce:

About Chad Boyce

Chad Boyce was a character from “The 100.” Richard Harmon, an actor, played him. After a major disaster, he was one of the youths sent to Earth. Chad was a wise guy who always strived to act morally. His character grew increasingly fascinating as the program progressed. He ultimately lost his life, though, defending his companions from some evildoers. Richard Harmon’s performance helped increase the show’s popularity, and many people enjoyed Chad’s character.

Chad was a traveller:

Chad Boyce was a different cameraman. He had a strong desire to travel and was an active traveller. From the bright shores of Kahuna, Hawaii, just before his death, to the charming passageways of Osana, Spain, and even delving into the mysteries of the Romanian Temple, he travelled to lovely sites worldwide. His trip through Asia, which marked a turning point in his travelogues, was his greatest adventure.

Chad’s Interesting Facts:

Chad Phillip Boyce was Chad’s full name. In addition to being an expert photographer, he loved animals and frequently posted images of them on Facebook. For him, travelling was a fierce passion. His trip across Asia was an unforgettable adventure. Friends, cousins, and lovers all agree that Chad was one of the most genuine and approachable individuals they had ever met.

To sum up

The story of Chad Boyce is one of commitment and love for filmmaking. The makers of “The 100” dedicated a moving homage to him, and his loved ones’ treasured memories continue to honour him even though his sudden death shocked many.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What part did Chad Boyce play in “The 100”?

Chad Boyce worked as a cameraman on “The 100” set.

Was Chad Boyce ever a cast member of “The 100”?

No, Chad Boyce was a cameraman on the show, not an actor.

What caused Chad Boyce’s death?

Although the specifics of Chad Boyce’s death remain unknown, there have been suspicions that he overdosed on drugs.

After his death, how was Chad Boyce honoured?

The phrase “In Loving Memory of Chad Boyce” was displayed on the screen during “The 100” episode that was dedicated to Chad Boyce.

What time and location did Chad Boyce’s memorial take place?

The “Celebration of Life,” Chad Boyce’s memorial, occurred on May 26, 2018, at Polish Hall on Fraser Street in Vancouver.

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Chad Boyce worked as a cameraman on “The 100” set. Chad Phillip Boyce, affectionately known as Chad Boyce, was a talented cameraman; his vision brought visual magic to “The 100.”