What is the Destroy Lonely net worth?

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Destroy Lonely is an American rapper, and his father was also a rapper. Destroy gained much popularity due to different funny lyrics. Destroy Lonely composes many new genres, for example, hip-hop and pop-rock. He became famous after starting to write, gaining more popularity in 2023. He is a humble man and likes to work with others. He loves and respects other musician’s work, including Drake and Lil Wayne, his favorite rappers. He has collaborated with different musicians.

Atlanta-based rapper Destroy Lonely is a great artist. In 2022, he gained popularity with his mixtape “No Stylist.” The net worth of this US rapper is $800 million. After releasing his first album, “If Looks Could Kill,” in 2023, he rose to fame. Much attention was given to this album, which climbed to number 18 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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Early Years and Name Origin

  • He was born on July 30, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  • learned freestyle rap from his father, I-20, a rapper.
  • In the ninth and tenth grades, I had trouble with Xanax.
  • His battle with drug addiction and loneliness is reflected in his stage name.

The Process of Growth and Successes in Music

The Process of Growth and Successes in Music
  • Destroy Lonely American rapper started a studio at his school to record songs when he was 14 to 15.
  • Became friends with Texaco and Nezzus, working together on their first effort, “NezzusDestroyed.”
  • He gained attention with the 2019 song “Bane.”
  • This rapper star released “</3,” the third mixtape, in 2020.
  • Brought attention with the release of the “<3²” deluxe edition and the “Oh Yeah” music video.
  • He agreed on Playboi Carti’s Opium record label in 2021.
  • He appeared in the music video for Carti’s song “Sky” and played at the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash in 2022.
  • Destro Lonely published “No Stylist,” the fifth mixtape, in August 2022.
  • Destroy Lonely introduced the “No Stylist” tour for the next month and gave Playboi Carti a unique gift to celebrate his birthday.
  • November 2022 saw the release of the “NS+ (Ultra)” deluxe version.
  • released the music videos for “FAKENGGAS” and “NEVER EVER” in February 2023.
  • He disclosed on Twitter that his upcoming album would be available in April 2023.
  • He also released the long-awaited song “If Looks Could Kill” in March 2023.
  • He introduced the 25-track album “If Looks Could Kill” on May 5, 2023, along with a bonus track featuring Ken Carson.

Eliminate Lonely’s Net Worth

The teenage rapper Destroy Lonely fame quickly. In 2023, his record “If Looks Could Kill” made him famous. He had a successful deal with Playboi Carti’s label before this.

Destroy Lonely was quickly popular in the music industry and made wealth due to his successful music career. His projected net worth is $800 million as of 2023.

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Social Media Accounts

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About his Family 

Music stars and actors often want to secret their personal and family information. So, the destroy lonely is one of them. He doesn’t like to share much data about his family and background. But everyone knows about his popularity. 


The American rapper Destroy Lonely net income is worth $800 million. It was “If Looks Could Kill,” his first studio album, which reached number 18 on the US Billboard 200 in 2023, that catalyzed his success. As a result of Carti’s discovery, he signed with Playboi Carti’s Opium record label in 2021. Several successful singles have been released by Lonely, and he has worked with other musicians as well. 

Destroy Lonely’s passion for his career and collaboration with other musicians have made him a celebrated musician. You can learn more about Destroy Lonely by reading this blog post with attention. 

Quick Answers Questions:

What will be Destroy Lonely’s 2023 net worth?

In 2023, Destroy Lonely will have a $800 million net worth.

When did Destroy Lonely become well-known in the music business?

With the publication of his first studio album, “If Looks Could Kill,” in 2023, Destroy Lonely rose to prominence in the music business.

Who signed Destroy Lonely to a record label after discovering him?

Destroy Lonely was discovered by rapper Playboi Carti, who signed him to his Opium label in 2021.

What does the stage name Destroy Lonely mean?

“Destroy Lonely,” his stage name, reflects his struggle with loneliness and drug addiction.

What was the name of the August 2022 release of Destroy Lonely’s fifth mixtape?

“No Stylist,” Destroy Lonely’s fifth mixtape, was available in August 2022.