Diplo Wife? A Comprehensive Analysis of His Life, Career, and Relationship

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Diplo is a well-known figure in the music industry, noted for his unique sounds and flexible style. Diplo, the famous DJ and music producer, got married to Kathryn Lockhart, who used to be a bartender and model, around 2009. They quickly fell in love and secretly married in Las Vegas in 2010. They had two sons during their marriage, Lockett in 2010 and Lazer in 2015. Diplo, however, began dating other women after their separation, but in 2023 he has no girlfriend and is single.

Examine Diplo’s life story, which covers his early years, and determine if he is married.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Wesley Pentz, the father of Diplo, was born on November 10, 1978, in Tupelo, Mississippi, which grants him American citizenship. German and English roots are part of his ancestry. He developed his musical talents in the early years of his musical career. Growing up in a musically gifted household, he was given a broad range of musical genres as a child, which formed his varied taste. While attending the University of Central Florida to study cinema studies, Diplo also worked on his musical skills in his spare time.

Marital Status

Diplo, the famous music personality, married Kathryn Lockhart in 2010. After falling in love in 2009, they secretly married in Las Vegas. They had two children, Lockett (2010) and Lazer (2014). Diplo and Lockhart are no longer married, but they remain friends and share parental responsibilities.

Unfortunately, in 2015, they separated. Speculation suggests that Diplo’s busy schedule and frequent travels may have caused their breakup. They kept the world in the dark about the precise cause behind their split. 

Numerous celebrities have been connected to Diplo. However, he is currently unmarried in 2023, according to the most recent information accessible. His fans often discuss his romantic status, contributing to his personal life’s mystery.



Diplo often keeps things quiet, but his fans have been curious about them. However, looking at his social media, you’ll discover a different side of the well-known D.J. demonstrating his devotion as a father.

Kathryn Lockhart had two sons during their marriage. After their separation, many female celebrities have been connected to Diplo, so in 2020, Diplo became a dad again, welcoming his third son, Pace. The mom is Jevon King, a beauty queen from Trinidad whom Diplo met at a carnival there in early 2020.

5 Girls friends of Diplo

Diplo has had at least five previous relationships and has not been engaged. He has been in relationships with Kate Hudson (2016–2017), Katy Perry (2014–2015), Kathryn Lockhart (2009–2014), and M.I.A. (2003–2008). There are also rumours about a connection with Madonna in 2015. However, online talks about Diplo’s dating history may vary, and keeping track of all his flings, hookups, and breakups can be challenging. Maintaining the accuracy of every celebrity dating page and relationship timeline is difficult.

Career of Diplo

Diplo’s breakout career began when he and British DJ Switch founded Major Lazer in the early 2000s. Diplo became well-known when their distinctive fusion of techno, reggae, and dancehall music began to gain popularity. As a solitary artist, he continued to explore diverse types, collaborating with prominent artists and writing chart-topping melodies.

Net Worth of Diplo

Net Worth of Diplo

His estimated net worth of over $55 million is a testament to his success in business and popularity; his Wikipedia entry, which highlights his work as a record producer, DJ, and songwriter, confirms his extensive resume. Further proof of Diplo’s talent for recognizing talent is that he founded the record label Mad Decent.


Diplo’s height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) is not unrelated to his towering presence in the music industry. His allure has captivated audiences worldwide, partly due to his compelling onstage persona and height.

Diplo in 2023

As of 2023, Diplo is single and has no connection with girlfriends. In a touching Instagram post on May 10, 2020, Diplo showed appreciation for his mother and the mothers of his children, suggesting that he’s on good terms with his ex-partners.

To sum up

His passion, dedication, and ceaseless creativity have marked Diplo’s journey from Mississippi to global music stardom. His personal life remains a mystery and speculation, despite his well-known career achievements.

Diplo’s marital history includes a secret wedding with Kathryn Lockhart in 2010, resulting in two sons before their separation in 2015. Since then, Diplo has been linked with various women celebrities, but as of 2023, he is single and has no known girlfriend.

Diplo’s work has greatly impacted the music industry outside of his personal life because of Major Lazer and his solo efforts. His varied musical taste, partnerships with well-known musicians, and the founding of Mad Decent all highlight his multifarious skill. With a net worth exceeding $50 million, Diplo’s impact extends beyond the recording studio and stage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diplo

Is Diplo currently married?

No, Diplo is currently single.

Who was Diplo married to, and do they have children?

Diplo married Kathryn Lockhart, and they have two children, Lockett and Lazer.

How many children does Diplo have, and with whom?

Diplo has three children: Lockett and Lazer with Kathryn Lockhart and Pace with Jevon King.

What is Diplo’s relationship status in 2023?

Diplo is single and not in a known relationship.

How many relationships has Diplo been in, and with whom?

Diplo has been in relationships with Kathryn Lockhart, M.I.A., Kate Hudson, and Katy Perry, and there are rumors of a connection with Madonna.

How tall is Diplo?

Diplo is 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall.

How does Diplo handle family life and children?

Diplo keeps his family life private but occasionally shares moments on social media, showing his dedication as a father.

What is Diplo’s focus in 2023?

Diplo’s current focus is not explicitly stated, but his influence in the music industry is expected to grow.