FouseyTube’s Net Worth Journey to $6 Million: A Story Of Rich Comedian

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Ever wondered how laughter can turn into dollars? Meet Yousef Saleh Erakat, better known as FouseyTube, the Palestinian-American sensation who turned his humorous YouTube videos into a $6 million net worth by 2023. Let’s take a dive into his fascinating journey, from YouTube ad revenue to brand partnerships and everything in between.

Biography Of FouseyTube

Yousef Saleh Erakat, also known as FouseyTube, is a 32-year-old Palestinian-American YouTuber, comedian, prankster, actor, and rapper. He was born on January 22, 1990, in Fremont, California, and stands tall at 1.78 meters.

While FouseyTube’s comedy might steal the spotlight, his personal life remains a bit of a mystery. No partner, no kids. He, has three siblings: Noura Erakat, Ahmed Erakat, and Mohammad Erakat. While information about his parents is not available, the Erakat family comprises Yousef and his three siblings.

This 33-year-old Palestinian-American is not just your average YouTuber.

Before the fame and fortune, Yousef had a fair share of YouTube struggles. Various channels, minimal success. Then came the game-changer—stereotypical videos about Muslims. Controversial? Yes. Attention-grabbing? Absolutely. That’s when the FouseyTube magic started.

In the early 2010s, FouseyTube embarked on his journey, crafting entertaining content that would soon captivate millions. Laughter was his currency, and he was determined to cash in.

Despite initial setbacks, Fousey found his breakthrough by creating stereotype-themed videos. It sparked controversy but catapulted him into the limelight, setting the stage for success.

Net Worth Of FouseyTube

As 2023, and FouseyTube’s net worth sits at a cool $6 million. From YouTube struggles to becoming a comedy sensation, every laugh and every click contributed to the zeros in his bank account. 

Signing with CAA

In 2015, Fousey elevated his game by signing a contract with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), amplifying his net worth and expanding his horizons.

Rising Popularity: 10 Million Subscribers


In 2017, the magic happened—FouseyTube hit the 10 million subscriber mark. The YouTube world couldn’t get enough of his unique blend of comedy, pranks, and vlogs.

Some of his most popular videos include “SPIDERMAN IN REAL LIFE PRANK!” with over 145 million views, “HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE PRANK!” with 95 million views, and “MORTAL KOMBAT ELEVATOR PRANK!” with 79 million views.

FouseyTube isn’t just a YouTuber; he’s a multi-talented individual. From acting in movies to rapping, his creative ventures expand beyond the YouTube realm.

Awards and Recognition

Recognition wasn’t just limited to views. FouseyTube bagged the 6th Streamy Award for Entertainer of the Year in 2016, solidifying his status as a YouTube powerhouse.

Beyond YouTube, Fousey graced the silver screen in movies like “Boo! A Madea Halloween” and “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween,” showcasing his versatility.

FouseyTube’s YouTube empire is built on viral hits. From “SPIDERMAN IN REAL LIFE PRANK!” to “HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE PRANK!,” his videos have amassed millions of views.

FouseyTube isn’t just a millionaire; he’s a billionaire in views. Surpassing one billion total views, his content continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Despite initial struggles with other channels, his FouseyTube channel took off, reaching over 10 million subscribers in 2017 and accumulating 1.7 billion views. His videos include parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches, and pranks.

In 2012, he gained recognition as one of the “40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40” by MBMuslima Magazine. He started by making stereotypical videos about Muslims, which contributed to his rising popularity. Over time, he diversified his content as his fan base grew.

FAQs:About Fousey Net Worth

How did FouseyTube start his YouTube career?

FouseyTube kickstarted his journey by creating humorous content in the early 2010s, gradually gaining popularity.

What led to Fousey’s breakthrough moment?

Fousey found success by creating stereotype-themed videos, sparking controversy but ultimately propelling him to fame.

What milestones has Fousey achieved on YouTube?

In 2017, Fousey hit the 10 million subscriber mark and crossed the 1.7 billion views milestone.

Apart from YouTube, what other ventures has Fousey pursued?

Fousey’s talents extend beyond YouTube; he has dabbled in acting, rapping, and even starred in blockbuster movies.

How did signing with CAA impact FouseyTube’s net worth?

Signing with Creative Artists Agency in 2015 significantly boosted Fousey’s net worth, opening new doors for his career.