Heardle 70s: Test Your Knowledge of 70s Music

By Alyssa Kingsbury

"Heardle 70s is available for free online play."

A game called Heardle 70s, which is incredibly popular among music fans worldwide was made in 2019 by two friends passionate about 1970s classic rock and disco music. With its vintage atmosphere and interesting puzzles, this game will keep players entertained for many hours.

Heardle 70s is the ideal game for you if you enjoy music from the 1970s or if you want to test your musical knowledge. The popular wordle game is the basis for the exciting online game Heardle 70s. Continue reading to find out more information if you’re interested in learning more about this music game.  

Could you find out the reason why heardle 70s is essential?

About Heardle 70s

Like a Heardle game spin-off, Heardle’s 70s revolves around music from the 1970s. With the help of more detailed clues, you can guess songs from that era in this entertaining word puzzle game. Heardle 70s is a fun take on the traditional “Name that Tune” game. If you are familiar with “Heardle,” you probably have played or heard of the game. In this word-guessing game, participants listen to phonetic hints one at a time and attempt to identify the word. The key to Heardle 70s is recognizing well-known songs from the decade.

This game captures the spirit of the music scene of the 1970s, giving fans a place to revisit their favorite songs and new players a chance to learn about a wealth of musical history. Heardle 70s is an entry point to the glory of music, including a soundtrack that covers disco, rock, pop, and more, along with a wonderfully vintage user interface.

How to Play in Heardle 70s

How to Play in Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s is easy to play. This is how it operates:

Everyone with an internet connection can listen to Heardle 70s for free on their web browser.

A song from the 1970s will play briefly when the game first launches. Typically, the clip is instrumental and showcases the track’s recognizable melody.

You can guess the song’s title using the letters below the audio clip. Every wrong guess adds or reveals a new letter to the word. How quickly you can identify the song is up against the time.

How soon you guess the proper song title will decide your score. You gain points for solving it more quickly.

To keep things going, you will see the correct response if you guess incorrectly six times in a row.

Playing the game with others makes it even more enjoyable. See who can accurately guess the songs with the fewest hints and the highest scores as you compete.

The Reasons Heardle 70s Must Be Play

The Reasons Heardle 70s Must Be Play

Enchanting Journey: 

Heardle 70s does a fantastic job of capturing the musical diversity that characterized the 1970s. The music from the 1970s has a timeless quality that will take you back in time, whether or not you were born in that decade.


Heardle 70s is an enjoyable and engaging method to learn about the well-known songs and performers of the 1970s if you need to become more familiar with the decade’s music. You’ll find new favorites as you play and better understand this crucial era in music history.

Social Laughing: 

Heardle 70s is ideal for online or in-person social events. It promotes healthy rivalry and conversation about the songs, performers, and recollections connected to the 1970s.

Available and Cost-Free: 

The game can be played for free online, so it’s an inexpensive and simple way to revisit some musical memories.

Unlimited Replay Value:

Heardle 70s has a huge selection of music from the 1970s that is perfect for repeated listens. You can test your musical knowledge and recall by returning to it repeatedly.

Heardle 70s is an excellent resource for testing your knowledge of 1970s music or getting lost in that important period’s sounds. It’s entertaining, educational, and an excellent opportunity to bond with loved ones via similar musical experiences. Therefore, Heardle 70s is ready to take you on a fun trip through musical history, regardless of whether you’re a true fan of the era or just looking for a good time. Try it out, then start playing the games. 


Finally, Heardle 70s is an amazing web game that honors the music of the 1970s. Two fans of music came up with this entertaining spin on the classic “Name that Tune” idea. This game is a must-play for everyone who likes 70s music or wants to push their musical expertise due to its vintage atmosphere and captivating challenges. This game is an excellent option for both private play and social events since it’s educational and entertaining. It is free and offers hours of entertainment and a trip back in time to the memorable sounds of the 1970s.

Questions & Answers:

Is the game Heardle 70s paid for?

No, you can play Heardle 70s online for free.

How is the Heardle 70s operated?

The game’s object is to guess the title of a song from the 1970s using letters presented to you. You think letters to reveal the title progressively. You score more points the quicker you guess.

Can my friends and I play Heardle 70s?

Yes, it’s a fantastic game to play during parties. You and your friends can compete to see who can guess songs with the highest points and the fewest hints.

Is Heardle 70s appropriate for someone with little to no knowledge of 1970s music?

Certainly, heardle 70s is an interactive resource for learning about well-known songs and performers from the 1970s, making it ideal for those unfamiliar with the decade.

What kind of 1970s music might you anticipate hearing at Heardle 70s?

Heardle 70s offers a thorough musical experience with a wide range of songs from the 1970s, including rock, disco, pop, and more.

Is Heardle 70s exclusive to web browsers, or is it accessible on mobile devices as well?

Although stated outside the post, it’s better to visit the official website to determine if a mobile app version is available.

How do I begin using Heardle 70s?

To begin your musical trip through the 1970s, visit the game’s website in your online browser, then follow the on-screen instructions to start playing Heardle 70s.