How much does a punching bag weigh?

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Punching bags are stuffed bags that are cylindrical in length or maybe pear shape. They are punched for exercise or training purposes. They are filled with grains, sand or other material and hung on the ceiling. It allows one to take physical abuse without breaking. They are the most essential part of exercise for boxing and other exercise.

If you want to perform better and succeed in your gym, you must have a punching bag. Here we will discuss “How much does a punching bag weigh?” There are so many options for you to choose from the punching bags. They come in different sizes and shapes. The weight depends on how you are going to use it.

We will tell you in this article if you are a beginner and have difficulty choosing a bag. A light bag is easy to handle as a beginner, and later on, you can buy a heavy one. We will discuss the material used, weight and size and methods to fill the punching bags.

Boxing Bag Filling Material

The filling material of the bag determines how it will work and its cost. Sometimes the bags fill with any material, and you can use it according to your choice. You bring the pre-filled bag and hang it up. There are different types of material you can use:

Sand: if you want a heavy bag to work with, you can use sand. It gives heaviness and solidity and demands more power.

Clothes: Fabric makes the punching bags lightweight. It is light, and adding more fabric can make it heavier.

Water filled: These bags are available in some gyms and homes. It has a bladder to prevent any leakage.

Granules filling: You can use any granules like wheat and maize.

Punching bags weigh and size.

Punching bags weigh and size.

You can use different types of punching bags as your requirement. As a beginner, you can use 40 pounds of weight. If you are a teenager and beginner, use 70 pounds weight. Intermediate boxers use 100 pounds. For heavy-weight boxers, use 200 pounds of punching weight. 

There is a variety of punching bag sizes. They range from 2-12ft with a 12-14 inches diameter. The more the size of the bag, the more it will show resistance. Boxers use 3 ft length of bags. Those in martial arts use bags more than 3 ft.

Types of punching bags

You can use different types of punching bags in your daily life.

Banana heavy bag

This is longer and thinner than an everyday bag. It attaches to the floor and is often hung on the ceiling. It is not for you if your focus is boxing, but you can use it in a routine.

Pole bag

It is the same as a banana bag except that it is thicker in diameter. The bottom side is wider than the top as the filling settles.

Teardrop heavy bag

It is an egg-shaped bag with less height. You can punch in various types, like overhead strikes and uppercuts. You can also hit with elbows and even knees.

Freestanding heavy bags

It is mounted on a stand, not hanging. If you have no space for hanging, you can move it anywhere. These bags are present in homes and not in gyms. They are light in weight and filled with water or sand.

Angled heavy bag

Its top is wider than the bottom and is easily noticeable. The top is used for straight punches, and the base is for body kicks and hooks. This is better for boxing as it trains you better than others.

How do you fill a punching bag correctly?

Most of the bags are already filled, so you need not to fill them again. If you have to fill them must know the proper method of filling. Use a combination of materials to achieve your desired results and weight. For heavy bags, add soft material to the bottom. Add sand or fabric after it to make the middle heavier.

Upper-cut bags are pre-filled, and there is no need to fill them again. Make sure that these are evenly filled to attain desired shape and function. Fill the maize bags with the appropriate amount. Fill the top and bottom parts to get the desired weight and feel.

Why Does Weight Matter?

How much does a punching bag weigh? It will affect your workout if you don’t know the weight of your punching bag. When you choose the wrong weight, it will not improve your skills. Choosing a punching bag with half your body weight will make you move easier. Accidents can happen if the teacher does not train you the right way.


Punching bags are an essential part of training for boxing and other kinds of physical activity. Sand, cloth, water, and granule-filled bags, among other things, come in many different sizes and shapes, each with pros and cons. How much does a punching bag weigh? If you are starting, it might be easier to handle a smaller bag.

If you know about the different kinds of hitting bags, you may get more out of your exercise. People who don’t have enough wall space to hang their bags will like how easy and mobile standalone heavy loads are. Filling your boxing bag right will give it the right shape and weight. Regarding training, different people have different tastes and needs, so using a range of things gives you more options.


Which type of punching bag is best?

There are different sizes and shapes of punching bags. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. You must know what kind of boxing bag is best for you.

What are the benefits of using a punching bag?

Depending on the different kinds of punching bags, they have various benefits. They improve your heart health and lower blood pressure. They help to reduce body weight and strengthen you.

How do you determine the weight of a punching bag?

Find out your body weight and divide by 2 to ensure you are using the correct size. It will give enough resistance for your training. Suppose your body weight is 140 lb; your bag weight must be 80 lb. 

How much force is in a punch?

An untrained and unskilled person generates 150 psi in a punch. But for an average boxer, it is 770 psi.

What is the most vital punch force of a human?

The most potent punch in the world is 129,161 units. It depends on different factors like force, accuracy and speed.