How to make bean bag boards slippery?

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Bean bag boards are a popular game that is played in North America. It is also called cornhole boards. It includes two boards, each with a hole placed at a distance from each other. It is made of plastic or wood and with angled boards. Two teams play the game, and each section has two members. 

Do you want to play bags but find bag boards too slippery? Bean bag boards should be free from damage because it can disturb the board’s slides. You should not stop the game by placing all bean bags on the boards next to the hole. How to make bean bag boards slippery? In this blog, we will discuss reasons, methods, paint used and finishing the boards.

You play this game at outdoor events, picnics and backyard parties. People of all ages and skill levels play this game and enjoy it. You want smooth boards and prefer to avoid rough surfaces. Slipperiness is essential for this game. Let’s discover the tricks to make your boards slippery. 

Reasons To Make Bean Bag Boards Slippery

Slippery boards allow consistent playing. It promotes fair competition among players, and everyone has an equal opportunity to play. If there is no slipperiness, some players play well, and others do not. It reduces the chance of throwing the bags. If bags do not stick on the surface, there is less chance of bouncing back. 

It allows the bags to move on the surface. Smoothness is good because the players control the speed of throws. If boards are not slippery, bean bags stick to the surface. It adds strategy to the game and elements to the skill. It increases the challenge and enjoyment of players. Moisture can seep into the board if it is not slippery and make it rough. 

Methods to make bean bag boards slippery

How to make bean bag boards slippery? There are many ways by which you can make your boards slippery. We will discuss them in detail;

Apply tape 

This option makes your board slippery. You can find it from any hardware store of your own choice. The first step is to clean the area where you want to apply the tape. Clean and wash it with mild soap. Then let the board dry. Apply the tape and make sure it adheres to the surface. 

Use Baby Powder

Apply some baby powder or talcum powder and spread it with your hand. Remove any dust from the board before applying powder. It creates a smooth surface, and you will enjoy playing. You can also use this method to make other surfaces smooth too. 

Use fine sandpaper 

High-grit paper polishes your bean bag boards. It is the easiest and cheapest way to make the board slippery. Sand on the surface and remove wood particles. Ensure there is no foreign particle, and apply the last layer of polyurethane. Let it stand for 3 days to enjoy your game. 

Add Wax 

Use a spray can or candle to put wax on your board. First, melt the candle, put it on the board, and spread it. It is an excellent way to make the board smooth and slippery. It will help the bag slide over the surface. 

Paint to use on bean bag boards

You use different kinds of paints depending type of board material. They are:

  • Acrylic paint adheres to the surface very well and has many colors. It dries in no time and makes a water-resistant layer. 
  • Oil-based paint, like enamel paint, gives a glossy finish. They need more time to dry and proper air presence.
  • Spray paint gives a more finishing look and is even easier to apply. If you use a wooden or plastic board, choose the color accordingly. 
  • Exterior latex paint is available and weather resistant. It is easy to apply and more suitable for bean bag boards.
  • Olive oil is environmentally friendly. You can use it without any harm. But it requires applying in finished wood. Otherwise, the board will absorb all oil. 

Finishing The Board

The best finish for your board is Polyurethane and Polycrylic. Here we will discuss some differences between them.

It is more durable and resistant to chemicals. It forms a hard coating on the surface.It is oil based and water based.It is applied with pigments or alone. It takes more time to dry, several hours or even weeks.It deepen the color of wood and enhances its natural beauty.It is less durable and scratch over time. It is water based acrylic.It is applied as pure without any addition of colors. It dries within few hours.It is transparent and do not give any color to wood.


How do you get rid of static in bean bag beans?

Apply the hair dryer in the bean bag filling to remove the static. 

What are professional bean bags filled with?

Professional bean bags filled with resin. It gives desired weight with optimal gameplay.

What is the official distance between bean bag boards?

On the flat surface, they are 24 feet apart. But it varies according to the requirement. 

Why finish the cornhole board?

To protect the wood from moisture or UV rays, it is good to give a finishing look to the cardboard hole. 

Can the slipperiness of bean bag boards be adjusted based on personal preference?

Yes, the slipperiness of bean bag boards is adjusted based on personal preference. People have choices on the slipperiness of boars. 


In North America, bean bag boards are a trendy pastime. At outdoor gatherings, they provide entertainment. In this game, slickness is an essential element. It promotes honest competition and enables consistent play. Adding slickness to a game increases its difficulty and players’ enjoyment.

There are many methods to make bean bag platforms unstable. How to make bean bag boards slippery? Depending on the material of the bean bag boards, various varieties of paint are used for painting. Olive oil is applied to finished wood as an environmentally responsible alternative. Apply it with care to prevent excessive absorption. Polyurethane and Polycrylic are suggested as finishes for the boards.