Jess Hilarious Net Worth: A Deep Dive

By Alyssa Kingsbury

American rapper, comedian, and actress Jess Hilarious’ unique style of humor has helped her make a big name for herself in the entertainment business. Many people want to know her net worth as her popularity grows. This comprehensive examination will focus on Jess Hilarious’s wealth and her range of achievements since becoming well-known.

Early Years and journey to fame

Jess Hilarious was born Jessica Moore on February 13, 1992, in Baltimore, Maryland. Jess Hilarious first became renowned for her funny social media posts and unique sense of humor. 

She first gained fame in 2017 when she made fun of a fellow traveller for wearing a headscarf in a video that went viral. Despite causing controversy, the video elevated her to prominence and helped her build an extensive social media following.

Due to her social media success, Jess Hilarious started performing stand-up comedy around the country. She scored a major break in 2018 when she was cast in the Fox sitcom “Rel.” She became very famous as a result of this chance.

After that, Jess Hilarious has built a large following on Twitter and Instagram, with 500,000 and over 4 million followers. She uses use of these channels to spread her humorous material and promote her numerous projects.

Jess personality style 

Jess Hilarious has an authoritative presence in front of the camera and on stage during her comedy performances because to her height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). She has established herself as an expert on fashion due to her bold dress choices, which extend beyond her work in entertainment.

A Comedy Career

Jess Hilarious is well-known in the stand-up comedy community due to her growing social media presence. Due to her appearances in clubs and national events, her aggressive and openly humorous look has earned popularity.

Alongside fellow comedians Lil Rel Howery and Sinbad, she landed a spot in the Fox sitcom “Rel,” in 2018. With only one season, the program had a brief run, but it gave Jess Hilarious a big stage on which to display her abilities and get recognition from more people.

The Analysis of Net Worth

The Analysis of Net Worth

Jess Hilarious’s current net worth is thought to be $1 million by 2023. This amount includes the money she makes from acting performances, comedy show performances, brand partnerships, and her social media presence. She also runs an online store selling things with her phrases and humorous sayings printed on things like t-shirts and hoodies.

The Bright Future

Jess Hilarious has a strong personality, a distinct humorous style, and an expanding fan following, which positions her for future success in the entertainment sector. Her career is advancing, and as she becomes more and more well-known, the opportunities are endless.

She speaks for Change

Beyond providing entertainment, Jess Hilarious uses her platform to discuss social injustice and promote change. When it comes to issues like racial profiling, police abuse, and mental health awareness, she has been outspoken. She gives money and supplies to different charities and needy people as part of her charitable activities. In her home city of Baltimore in 2019, she organized a back-to-school motivate for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Awards and Recognition 

Jess Hilarious appears on countless covers of magazines and garnered numerous prizes for her hilarious talents, including the BET Social Media Award in 2017. These achievements recognize her not just as a skilled comedian and entertainer but also as a strong and prominent voice in current culture.

Collaborations and Diverse Investments

Besides her projects, Jess Hilarious has collaborated with other renowned comedians and celebrities. She joined the cast of the successful comedy tour “Ladies Night Out” in 2018, working alongside humorous ladies like NeNe Leakes, Adele Givens, and Luenell. She has also collaborated with rapper Lil Duval, delivering a remix of his popular song “Smile (Living My Best Life)” at the BET Awards in 2019.

Jess Hilarious has collaborated with brands such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and Savage X Fenty to promote their products and build her brand. She’s also been a guest on several TV shows and podcasts, displaying her flexibility as an entertainer. 

What are the diverse income streams?

Jess Hilarious makes money in a few different ways: 

Social Media:

With half a million Twitter followers and more than 4 million Instagram followers, she makes money through sponsored posts and advertisements.

Comedy stand-up: 

Frequent appearances at bars and events around the country bring in money from ticket sales and merchandise sales.


She has acted in movies and TV series in addition to “Rel,” receiving payment for her work.

Brand Collaborations: 

Jess Hilarious is a well-known influencer who works with many companies on sponsored posts and campaigns.

Online Store: 

Her revenue is derived from the sale of her branded goods, such as hoodies and t-shirts.

Other Initiatives: 

To increase her wealth, Jess Hilarious takes advantage of a variety of opportunities, including event hosting, guest appearances, and product endorsements.

Not Just for Laughing

Apart from her successful profession in entertainment, Jess Hilarious takes great pride in being a mother to her son, Ashton. He’s been in several of her comedic sketches, and she frequently posts pictures of him on social media.

A Creative and Aspiring Entertainer

The projected net worth of Jess Hilarious is $1 million, and it is anticipated to increase as she builds her brand and takes on new tasks. Her influence goes beyond her work in entertainment; it also includes her social media following and philanthropic work. Jess Hilarious has a daring personality and strong determination, which will only make her more successful in the future.  Jess Hilarious, is a rising star who hasn’t slowed down at all.

Since her earliest days on social media, Jess Hilarious has advanced significantly. She has established herself as a gifted and adaptable performer with credits that include hosting comedy events, creating viral videos, and working with major players in the business. She has become a role model for many people due to her tenacity, enthusiasm, and dedication to social change.


We may anticipate more accomplishments and success from Jess Hilarious as her career develops. Her estimated net worth of $1 million indicates that she is a strong figure in the market. What makes Jess Hilarious unique is not just her wealth but also her influence on society and the entertainment business.  We value your curiosity in learning more about the achievements and wealth of Jess Hilarious. She is just beginning her trip, so follow along and show your support. 

A few key Questions and Answers in Brief 

What is the net worth of Jess Hilarious?

The estimated net worth of Jess Hilarious is $1 million.

Apart from her popularity, what other successes has Jess Hilarious made?

Among Jess Hilarious’s achievements are her role as lead actress in the Fox sitcom “Rel,” her 2018 BET Social Media Award, and her partnerships and promotions with numerous brands.

What is the source of Jess Hilarious’ income?

In addition to her social media following and stand-up comedy performances, Jess Hilarious earns money from brand endorsements, acting gigs, online merchandise stores, event hosting, and guest appearances.

What distinguishes Jess Hilarious from other performers?

Jess Hilarious is unique among entertainers because of her powerful voice for social change, her influence on the entertainment industry, and her impact on society at large. She is renowned for her audacious demeanor and unwavering drive for achievement.

What can we anticipate from Jess Hilarious going forward?

We can anticipate Jess Hilarious to keep taking on new endeavors and partnerships and using her platform to change the planet because of her unwavering ambition and adaptability. So tune in for more from this budding talent.