Mollee Roestel Raney’s Wife Her Married Life With Husband Marty Raney

By Plaistow Plahsto

Mollee Roestel

Mollee Roestel is not a household name, she is the brains behind one of America’s most colorful, adventurous, and charismatic personalities. She is the spouse of Marty Raney, an off-grid Alaskan resident for more than 40 years who is a mountaineer, builder, musician, songwriter, and TV personality. Mollee has supported him through good times and bad, raising four kids who enjoy the outdoors just as much as their parents do.

In addition, she is well-known for her appearances on the reality show Homestead Rescue, in which she and her family assist other homesteaders in thriving in isolated areas. Mollee is a powerful, self-reliant, and benevolent woman with a lot to give the world. We shall look at her life narrative, marriage, family, and accomplishments in this post.

How Mollee Roestel and Marty Raney Built Their Dream Life in Alaska

In Alaska, Mollee Roestel and Marty Raney have created the life of their dreams. Washington is where they first met. After being married in 1974, they relocated to Haines, Alaska, where they began their life of adventure. Subsequently, they moved to Wasilla, where they reared Misty, Matt, Melanee, and Miles. They founded Alaska Stone and Log, a company where they construct clients’ unique homes and cabins.

Living off the grid and encouraging others to do the same are two things that Mollee and Marty are passionate about. They have been in a number of TV programs, including Homestead Rescue and Ultimate Survival Alaska. They demonstrate their family dynamic, homesteading prowess, and survival skills on these programs. Since they both play the guitar and sing, they also have a passion for music in common.

A Mother of Four Adventurous Children

A Mother of Four Adventurous Children

Mollee is a proud mother of four children (Misty Raney, Melanee Raney, Matt Raney, and Miles Raney), who are all grown up and have their own families and careers. Mollee has always encouraged her children to follow their dreams and pursue their interests.

She has also taught them the skills and values of living in the wild, such as survival, self-reliance, and respect for the environment. Mollee’s children are all involved in the family business, the Alaska Stone and Log Company, where they offer various services and products related to homesteading, such as consulting, construction, and training.


A Grandmother Mollee Roestel

Mollee loves her grandkids and shows them off on her social media. Gauge Axl and Col Dov are her grandsons, and Mia Hazel is her granddaughter. 

Mollee Roestel’s Family History and Roots

Born on January 31, 1956, in Washington, United States, Mollee is a native of the country. In 1947, Lorel Wayne Roestel and Beverly Watkins tied the knot, and in 1962, they relocated to Snoqualmie Valley. Mollee was raised in a family of six siblings in an environment full of adventure and the great outdoors.

Her father was a veteran of the United States armed forces, therefore she inherited his bravery and patriotism. In 2013, the family moved back to Spokane, where he passed away at the age of 95. On March 27, 2020, Lorel’s funeral was held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, where Mollee’s mother, Beverly, now resides. Mollee takes great pride in both her Caucasian ancestry and American citizenship.

Mollee Roestel’s Interests and Hobbies

Mollee Roestel’s Interests and Hobbies

Mollee is a multitalented and hobbyist woman. She reads a lot and loves to read a variety of literature, including fiction, poetry, biographies, and history. She is a gifted guitarist as well as a musician. She frequently plays in the Raney Family Band alongside her spouse and kids. Mollee plants her own flowers, herbs, and veggies and is an accomplished gardener. She enjoys cooking, baking, and canning food, utilizing family and friend recipes. Mollee loves animals as well, and she keeps a variety of pets, including goats, dogs, cats, and hens.

Mollee Roestel’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

The approximate net worth of Mollee and Marty is $1 million. Their numerous endeavors, including homesteading, TV series, music, and books, have brought them wealth. Mollee and Marty have a frugal and straightforward lifestyle, choosing to spend their money on experiences over possessions. They enjoy exploring, traveling, and picking up new skills. Additionally, they like giving back to the community by supporting other homesteaders in need and making charitable donations.

Mollee Roestel’s Social Media Presence

Mollee is active on social media, where she interacts with her friends and followers and provides insights from her life. She has Facebook profiles where she shares images and videos of her trips, family, friends, and pets. She also communicates with her followers, responding to their inquiries, expressing gratitude for their support, and conveying encouraging words.

Mollee Roestel’s Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Marty and Mollee have been wed for more than 40 years. Together, they have endured a great deal of difficulties, but their faith, devotion, and trust have always helped them get through them. There are a few key elements to Mollee and Marty’s contented and enduring marriage.


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Mollee and Marty have faced many challenges and dangers in their life in Alaska, such as harsh weather, wild animals, and life-threatening situations. However, they have also experienced many joys and rewards, such as witnessing the beauty of nature, creating their own home, and spending time with their family. They have built their dream life in Alaska by following their hearts and their dreams.

They listen to each other with respect and understanding, talk to each other, and share their ideas, feelings, and opinions. Together, they attempt to reach a compromise, weigh their needs and desires, and come to decisions. They encourage, support, and celebrate each other’s successes and life milestones. They laugh together, enjoy each other’s company, and have fun together.