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By Alyssa Kingsbury

Mr Organik well-known American YouTuber born on September 29, 1981. However, he’s not just into YouTube; he’s a singer, author, business personality, and an influencer on social media. His YouTube account, Mr_Organik, has over 190,000 passionate viewers who like his genuine tales and entertaining car movies.

Mr. Organik also passionate for music and videography. He’s not only a rapper; his entire record is available on YouTube. His primary source of income is YouTube, and as of 2023, his estimated net worth is $1 million.

This article will help you discover his net worth and more facts about Mr. Organik. 

Quick Facts

NameJarvis Rivers
FamousMr. Organik
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California, USA
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California, USA
EthnicityAfrican American
EducationInformation not available
Marital Statussingle
ParentKimberly Riv
BrothersBrandon and Lawrence
Source of WealthYouTube, Music, Business Ventures
Net Worth$1 million

Early life

Jarvis Rivers, the real name of Mr. Organik, was born in San Diego, California, on September 29, 1981. He was raised by his mother, Kimberly Rivers, and his two brothers, Lawrence and Brandon. Sadly, when Jarvis was young, his father died of AIDS.

The family relocated frequently, residing in several cities, including Minneapolis and Tulsa. Jarvis returned to San Diego, where he played street basketball with pals before turning pro, while his mother stayed in Phoenix, Arizona.

Early career and net worth

Early career and net worth

Mr. Organik is wealthy; his estimated net worth of $1 million shows he is successful. His popularity is due to YouTube. In 2014, he started to post rap music and car videos. He was a professional basketball player before YouTube, but these days, all he does is rap and tell stories online. About 320,000 people subscribe to his primary channel, Mr. Organik, and he has over 240,000 Instagram followers. He’s not active on other social media platforms but is creating a reputation here.

Mr. Organik first found success on YouTube with rap and hip-hop videos. He now earns more than $100,000 annually from YouTube. Not only that, but he’s also a cool guy who sells goods on his website, OrganikLyfestyle. Not only that, but he has three other channels: Gargoyle Gang, Organik Fitness, and Top of the Mook. Not only is he awash in cash, but he also produces an incredible amount of stuff.

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Popularity of Mr Organik 

Mr. Organik rose to fame with his “illegal” gun movies, particularly “Death Threats Made Me Buy More Guns.” In it, he buys, shows, and talks about guns. In addition to YouTube, he sells male grooming products and other endorsements. He wrote the book “Organik Seeds of Greatness” just for entrepreneurs.

personal life

He loves his grandmother, who has always been there for him. Brandon Saint Rivers and Lawrence Trend Blackledge are the names of his siblings. He is of African-American descent.

Many people think Danielle Champion, a YouTuber, and Mr. Organik are dating. Though it’s unofficial, they both appeared in each other’s videos. He appears to be single and happy with casual partnerships. He has no children.

  • Height: He is 6 feet, 6 inches (198 cm) tall
  • Weight: 109 kg

In summary

Mr. Organik, whose real name is Jarvis Rivers, is a vibrant presence in the music, business, and YouTube industries. His unique blend of storytelling, car videos, and rap has helped him gain over 190,000 subscribers. Outside of the screen, his estimated net worth, projected to reach $1 million in 2023, demonstrates the profitable potential of an internet celebrity and establishes him as more than just a content creator. As he continues to share his extraordinary story, Mr. Organik demonstrates that being genuine and creative can lead to success and influence.

Commonly Asked Questions concerning Mr. Organik:

Mr. Organik, who is he?

Born Jarvis Rivers, Mr. Organik is a well-known American music artist, social media influencer, and YouTube star.

When did Mr. Organik begin posting content on YouTube? 

His main YouTube channel, Mr. Organik, has over 320,000 subscribers. He first rose to stardom in 2014 with hip-hop and rap videos.

What is the net worth of Mr. Organik?

His popularity on YouTube and online content creation has led to an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Apart from YouTube, how does Mr. Organik get income?

He makes money from YouTube and sells goods on his website, OrganikLyfestyle, such as male grooming products and endorsements. “Organik Seeds of Greatness” is the title of another book he wrote for entrepreneurs.

What other avenues is Mr. Organik pursuing?

He has three more channels: Gargoyle Gang, Organik Fitness, and Top of the Mook, in addition to his primary channel, Mr. Organik.

Why did Mr. Organik become well-known on YouTube?

He became well-known for his “illegal” weapons movies, especially the one called “Death Threats Made Me Buy More Guns,” in which he displays, discusses, and purchases firearms.

Is Danielle Champion and Mr. Organik a couple?

Despite showing up in each other’s videos, there isn’t any formal confirmation. He seems still unmarried, having fun in casual relationships, and not having kids.

What hobbies does Mr. Organik have besides music and YouTube?

He frequently posts beautiful homes on YouTube and is interested in real estate. His varied interests also brought together his passion for singing and vlogging.

What is Mr. Organik’s Instagram following size?

Social Blade reports that despite his lack of activity on other social media sites, he has over 240,000 Instagram followers.

What distinguishes Mr. Organik in the field of content production?

His sincerity, inventiveness, and capacity to combine his loves for music, vlogging, and storytelling have opened doors for him that have led to success in terms of popularity and money.