Who is Sarai Burgos? Learn Her biography, Family, Height, and weight

By Alyssa Kingsbury

American model and social media influencer Sarai Burgos is very popular. She is well-known on social media, particularly Instagram, with more than 600,000 followers. Sarai is famous for her gorgeous appearance and great sense of style. Even at the young age of 17, she has established herself in the extremely tough modeling industry. 

Sarai is a stunning young woman who is the daughter of Bernice Burgos. She has her mother’s beautiful looks and attractiveness, which makes her quite similar to her. Sarai Burgos has straight black hair that is nicely braided and long. She possesses dark eyes. She has a charming, shining look. 

In this article, we will look deeper into Sarai’s life, height, weight, and other fascinating details.

Early Years and Education:

Sarai is a renowned model, Bernice Burgos’ daughter. Early in life, Bernice experienced difficulty as she gave birth to her first child, Ashley Burgos, and was driven away from her grandmother’s house. Bernice was a bartender and waitress before her successful career as a model and businesswoman. Compared to her sister Ashley, Sarai is ten years older. Sarai presently lives with her mother and sister; little is known about her father. Despite their age difference and previous issues, they live happily together and have a deep, loving bond.

Bernice Burgos, Ashley’s mother, was still a teenager when Ashley was born. Reports from the internet claim that parenting her two kids, Ashley and Sarai, caused difficulties for Bernice Burgos. Shortly before giving birth to Ashley Burgos, Sarai Burgos’ older sister, Bernice Burgos said she was asked to leave her grandmother’s house at fifteen and forced to live with her boyfriend.

Coming from a diverse household, Sarai Burgos was born in June 2006. She holds American citizenship. She was raised in a rich Christian home but still practices her faith. She preserved a lot of details about her childhood and family a secret. Her mother is a well-known businesswoman and model. As she grew older, Sarai followed her passion for modeling and fashion. 

Sarai Burgos obtained her high school diploma from nearby Bronx institutions and is certified to have completed primary school. She businesses with her mother which displays her education. She reads novels for pleasure. 

The net worth of Sarai Burgos:

The net worth of Sarai Burgos

Although Sarai Burgos’s net worth remains undisclosed, it is safe to think that her successful social media influencer and content creator career has brought her financial rewards. Brand partnerships, advertising, and monetization on websites like YouTube and Instagram are common ways for influencers like Sarai to make money. However, the estimated net worth of her mother, Bernice Burgos, is between $150k and $300k. 

The Career Journey of Sarai Burgos:

Sarai Burgos still needs to follow a set career path. Bernice Burgos, her mother, is a model and businesswoman. “Bold & Beautiful LLC,” a sleepwear firm featuring various apparel items. It’s important to note that a report suggests Ashley Burgos, Sarai’s older sister, is a co-owner of this apparel company. Along with their mother, Bernice Burgos, Ashley Burgos, a 26-year-old mother of a child, has contributed to the family’s business success.

Personal Life, Instagram, and Family:

Sarai Burgos’ mother is Bernice Burgos, although there is question over her father’s background—some sources indicate he may have been absent when Sarai and her sister began to grow up. The daughter of Sarai’s sister Ashley, India Ava, has an aunt. You may find her on Instagram by searching for @luv.saraiii. Her Instagram account doesn’t share much personal information, so it’s unknown what her relationship status is.

Sarai Burgos’s weight and stature:

Sarai Burgos, who is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall, was born with good genes. Since she has yet to make it public, her weight is unknown. Still, it’s easy to guess from her photos that she exercises regularly and eats a well-balanced diet to keep her body in good shape. However, it is reported that she weighs 58 kg, which is a good weight given her height.


Sarai Burgos hasn’t revealed any personal details. She is not done singing. She desires to keep her private life private. Sarai Burgos doesn’t share much personal information online and maintains a low profile. She is more captivating because of her secrecy. Though her official Wikipedia page isn’t available, plenty of fan-made pages and profiles online try to chronicle her life and career.

In Short Words 

Sarai Burgos is a beautiful model and social media influencer from the United States

with a bright future. She has gained a large following on social media due to her fantastic appearance, excellent sense of style, and endearing personality. She still serves as an inspiration to many aspiring models across the globe. Despite having humble beginnings, she has succeeded in building an excellent portfolio and fan base, which is a testimonial to her perseverance, commitment,

and love of what she does. We are eager to follow this budding talent as far as the future takes her. Thus, watch for Sarai Burgos as she keeps destroying the modeling world. Therefore, let’s keep encouraging and recognizing emerging artists like Sarai Burgos.


Have any publications included Sarai Burgos and her sister Ashley Burgos?

Sarai and Ashley were featured in several magazines, such as “Fashion Bomb Daily,” “Hip Hop Weekly,” and “The Shade Room.”

Does Sarai Burgos want to try for a career in entertainment or modeling?

It wouldn’t be shocking if Sarai decided to pursue a career in modeling or entertainment, just like her mother and sister did, even though there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet. She has already demonstrated a strong interest in and passion for the field, and she can succeed significantly with the help and support of her family. 

How influential is Sarai Burgos on social media?

With more than 60k followers on Instagram, Sarai Burgos’ fan base is expanding. She constantly interacts with her fans through posts and stories while promoting various products and highlighting her lifestyle and fashion choices. We should anticipate a rise in her impact as she continues to gain popularity.

What kind of relationship does Sarai Burgos have?

Sarai Burgos has not disclosed her dating or relationship status to the public. She focuses on her work and studies, keeping her personal life secret. As such, specific details of her romantic history are now unknown. But we can be sure that Sarai Burgos will continue to shine with her unique gifts and grace no matter which route she takes.