Sharon Laday Angel Investor Net Worth

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American businesswoman, entrepreneur, and angel investor Sharon LaDay. She is the most ardent advocate for businesses run by women. The net worth, age, education, career, accomplishments, lifestyle, relationship, height, weight, and method of making a fortune in business for Sharon LaDay will all be covered in this article.

An accomplished businesswoman and angel investor is Sharon LaDay. She is in favor of businesses run by women. She also serves as a mentor for fledgling companies, giving them access to industry knowledge. The American entrepreneur has collaborated with prestigious angel investment firms such as Golden Seeds. The female-led businesses are the emphasis of the angel investing firm.

Sharon LaDay’s lengthy and prosperous career has contributed to her $5 million net worth.

Would you like to know more about this remarkable woman? Let’s take a look at her path to financial achievement. Examine her influence on the technological sector.

Sharon LaDay Biography

On June 1, 1974, Sharon was born in Houston, Texas. This concludes our knowledge of her early years. Sharon’s early experiences have not yet been made public. Fewer details regarding her early life are available because she rarely discusses them.


She attended a local school for her high school education. She enrolled at Texas A&M University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science after graduating from high school. She graduated from A&M University and then Columbia Business School with an MBA.

Personal Life

In addition to her early life, LaDay’s personal life is also unknown. She never discusses and maintains the privacy of her personal information. She solely discusses business at various gatherings. Her current location was the sole detail she included in her LinkedIn bio. She resides in the Houston area and is still unmarried, according to reliable sources.


Being a millionaire, She leads an opulent lifestyle, possessing a gorgeous home and exotic cars. Sharon LaDay enjoys traveling, and she frequently goes to various locations to discover and educate herself about the natural world.

Sharon LaDay Age, Weight, And Height

June 1, 1974, was Sharon LaDay’s birthday. She is 49 in 2024. She weighs 57 kilograms and is 5 feet 5 inches tall.


Who Is Sharon LaDay?

As of 2024, Sharon LaDay, an American investor and businesswoman, has a $5 million net worth. She is a senior director at ServiceNow at the moment. Sharon has worked for marketing, consulting, and real estate companies. 

Sharon LaDay Net Worth

How Does Sharon LaDay Make Money

By 2024, Sharon’s net worth is projected to be $5 million. Her net worth is anticipated to rise in the next years due to her contracts with several new businesses. Her reputation in the financial and marketing industries has been established through her services and investments in women-owned small businesses.

How Does Sharon LaDay Make Money?

What is Sharon LaDay’s source of income? She earned her fortune as an angel investor, financial analyst, and marketing strategist. Sharon LaDay has multiple sources of revenue. She works with big brands and startups as a consultant and charges them for her services. On the other side, she also invests money in startups and takes her profit.

Financial Analyst

Sharon Laday began working as soon as she earned her bachelor’s degree. She began her professional life as a financial analyst before starting her own investing firm. She made contact with a few influential people and joined forces with them as a financial advisor.

Angel Investor Sharon LaDay

For numerous businesses, Sharon Laday served as an angel investor. She has experience working with prestigious angel investment firms that support women-owned businesses, such Golden Seeds. In addition to investing money in the business, Sharon was a key contributor to its success.


When Did Sharon Laday Have Kids?

Sharon LaDay keeps her life private. She does not talk about her husband or children, and there is not enough information to go about it. As such, the question of her children remains unanswered.

What Does La Day Do Now?

Sharon is an American angel investor with a long list of things she has done. Currently, she is a Blockchain Ecosystem Leader at IBM.

Who Can Become an Angel Investor?

To become an angel investor, you must qualify as an accredited investor. You must have earned at least $200,000 for the past two years. Your investable assets must be worth over $1 million.

Wrapping It Up

Houston, Texas, gave birth to the prosperous businesswoman Sharon LaDay on July 1, 1974. Regretfully, we are only able to learn so much about her early life. She keeps a low profile and avoids discussing her parents, siblings, or any aspect of her early years in public. Being a frequent angel investor, Sharon has been instrumental in the development of numerous enterprises. She has experience with startups; she has worked for Wimba and other education technology organizations. She has worked on startups in storage networking, like Andiamo Systems.

She offers early-stage businesses strategic advice. She mostly focuses on projects that use cutting edge technologies, such artificial intelligence. She also makes investments in new businesses that are prepared to enter the blockchain sector. Market strategy expertise from Sharon LaDay has been beneficial to the startups she assists.