Meet Summer Miami Luellen: The Cute Celebrity Child

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Yung Miami with lil miami

A child whose name is Summer Miami Luellen is very famous due to his mother. Yung Miami is the mother of Summer Miami Luellen, a famous rapper, and her father’s name is Joshua Luellen, an American fashion designer, rapper, and social media influencer. Summer has gained fame on social media, with her parents being part of the successful City Girls duo. She also became famous as the daughter of Yung Miami because her mother shared her beautiful photos on Instagram.

Summer Miami Luellen is a pretty girl; everyone likes his beauty, smile, and charming style. Summer Miami Luellen has captured the hearts of many with her attractive personality since her childhood. Her adorable style and photos have garnered widespread attention on the internet, earning her a significant following, including 240K Instagram fans. She’s a famous person’s child, and her incredible and cute posts on social media have made her very popular.

Despite being young, Summer Miami Luellen is not only famous for her rapper’s mother, but she is also famous all by herself. Summer Miami Luellen has large fan followers on Instagram.

“We will describe the complete data about Yung Miami’s daughter, Summer Miami Luellen.”

Learn the real facts about the Summer Miami Luellen

How old is Summer Miami?

Summer Miami

Interestingly, Summer Miami Luellen gained popularity at a young age. She was born in the United States on October 16, 2019, and fame immediately. In 2023, her age is 4 years. Despite her young age, she’s won hearts with her cute style.


What is the Summer Miami Luellen sibling story?

Are you curious to know the facts about her siblings? Summer Miami Luellen indeed has six siblings. Joshua Howard Luellen is the father of Summer Miami Luellen. His famous name is Southside, and he had some relationships with other girls. Summer Miami Luellen is the second child of and the youngest among Southside’s kids, Karmello, Legend, RJ, Karlye, and Haylee, from his past relationships.

Summer is close to her brother, the son of her mother’s previous relationship. Her loving brother’s name is Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. You can see him in photos with Summer. Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. is the son of Jai Malik Wiggins Sr, who passed away in June 2020. Jai Jr., born June 26, 2013, is Yung Miami’s first child. Despite being half-siblings, Summer shares a close bond with all her siblings.

What is the astounding net worth of this rising star?

Instagram is a supportive platform in her popularity and richness. Despite being just 4 years old, Summer Miami has an impressive net worth of $2.6 million. In her photos, you can see that she leads a lavish life.

She attracts every follower because of her lovely movements and natural beauty. Her distinctive sense of style becomes the reason for her fame. Her smiling face has a powerful attraction. It is not wrong to say that she became famous without her mother.

Is her Dad: Southside (Joshua Howard Luellen)?

Yes, her father is Joshua Howard Luellen, known as Southside. Summer’s father is also known as Young Sizzle and 808MafiaBoss in the music world. At 34, he is a well-known American record producer, rapper, and songwriter.

Ex-partner of Yung Miami

Yung Miami faced many hardships when she engaged in her previous relationship. Jai Wiggins was born in 1993 and was Yung Miami’s ex-partner and Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.’s father. Tragically, he passed away in 2020 from a shootout, leaving behind a lasting impact on their family.

A Social Media Sensation

Summer Miami has become a social media sensation, enchanting fans eagerly anticipating her uploads. Whether sharing solo photos, family moments, or other entertaining content, her presence on camera never fails to bring smiles to the faces of her devoted followers.

Final words

Yung Miami and Joshua Luellen’s daughter, Summer Miami Luellen has made a name for herself at just four years old on social media because of her charming attitude and unique style. Summer Miami Luellen, has not only inherited fame from her parents but has become a rising star in her own right. She is a potential star in the entertainment industry due to her impressive social media following, appealing demeanor, and heavy net worth. Summer’s cute personality and ability to make her devoted fans happy played a role in her rise to fame.

Yung Miami is the mother of Summer Miami Luellen, a famous rapper, and her father’s name is Joshua Luellen, an American fashion designer, rapper, and social media influencer. Summer has gained fame on social media with her parents, who have strong musical careers

Being Yung Miami’s daughter, she was born into a celebrity. She has gained her parents’ shine and created her personality, gaining a large following and an incredible net worth. Summer is a bright future star because of her optimistic social media presence despite the difficulties in her family’s past. Summer’s parents are members of the popular City Girls combo, which has made her famous on social media.

FAQs about Summer Miami Luellen: The Cute Celebrity Toddler

1. What is Summer Miami Luellen’s age?

Summer is 4 years old in 2023 because she was born on October 16, 2019.

2. Q: How many siblings has Summer Miami Luellen?

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr., Summer’s half-brother, is one of her six siblings.

3. Q: How is Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. connected to Summer, and who is he?

Summer’s loving brother, Jai Malik Wiggins Jr., is the child of Yung Miami’s prior 

4. Q: At the age of 4, what is the remarkable net worth of Summer Miami Luellen? 

Summer has an outstanding $2.6 million net worth despite her early age.

5. What is the background and identity of Summer’s father? 

Summer’s father is Joshua Howard Luellen, a well-known American record producer, rapper, and songwriter known by Southside.

6. What difficulties did Yung Miami have in her prior partnership?

Yung Miami and Jai Wiggins, who sadly died in 2020, had difficulties in their prior relationship.

7. Q: What has made Summer so popular on social media?

Summer shares special times with her family, entertaining content, and attractive pictures of herself. Her unique style and captivating personality win her admirers. 

8. Q: What role has Instagram played in Summer’s rise to fame?

Instagram has been crucial in boosting Summer’s profile and presenting her luxurious way of living.

9. Q: Does Summer’s fame come entirely from her parents?

No, Summer has made a name for herself by capturing fans with her graceful moves and natural beauty.

10. What differentiates Summer and adds to her fame?

Summer’s continued popularity can be attributed to her unique sense of style and her sparkling smile.