Who is Timoteo Schreiber, Pablo Schreiber’s Son 

By Alyssa Kingsbury

The Canadian-American actor Pablo Schreiber, who starred in “The Wire” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” is the father of Timoteo Schreiber. Pablo and Jessica, his ex-wife, share Timoteo. They have several children and have been married for a very long time. Timoteo has been in the media’s eye since he was born because he is a famous person’s child. Let’s explore some fascinating details regarding Timoteo, the son of Pablo Schreiber, today.

Pablo Schreiber, a well-known American actor, is the father of Timoteo Schreiber. Timoteo is thirteen years old and was born in 2008. He is Pablo Monty’s youngest child from his previous partner. Despite being a well-known celebrity child, Timoteo enjoys an average private life and avoids the spotlight. 

Although Timoteo Schreiber does not work in the entertainment industry like his father does, he does have contacts in the field. One well-known individual is Chad Boyce, a family friend and well-known figure in the sector. Timoteo protects his identity while obtaining a unique insight into the entertainment world. 

Timoteo was raised in a family with a long history in the performing arts. Therefore, he has always been interested in acting. He has supported Pablo’s work by accompanying his father to red-carpet events and film premieres. 

Timoteo enjoys playing sports, spending time with his family, and being a devoted basketball fan. Attending games with his father and siblings helps him spend much time together.

An overview of his biography:

On October 20, 2008, Timoteo Schreiber was born in Southern New York’s Catskills Mountain. He combines German, Swiss-German, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Norwegian, Belgian, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and Cuban ancestry with his mixed heritage at fourteen years old. He is an American, a Christian, and was born under the sign of Libra. Timoteo has a younger brother named Dante Schreiber and is the son of Pablo Schreiber and Jessica Monty.

Timoteo’s Early Life: 

Timoteo's Early Life 

Timoteo was born in New York City, the same city as his father, Pablo. Timoteo was born in 2007, a year after his parents’ marriage. Additionally, he has an elder brother, who is seven years his senior, Liev Schreiber.

A native Cuban mother and a mixed-race father raised Timoteo. Little is known about his time in school or the high school he attended. He is a typical youngster still deciding on his career path. However, he shares his father’s enthusiasm for adventure. Timoteo enjoys all sports, including browsing, climbing, and hiking, and he frequently goes on these thrilling adventures with his dad.

Timtao’s education:

In June 2022, he graduated from middle school, and his mother, Jessica, announced the happy news on Instagram. She added that he was awarded an “Exemplary Growth Award.” That means that he’s probably a high school student now. Given his intelligence, Timoteo could pick a career in academia rather than follow in his father’s footsteps as an actor.

Family Life:

Pablo Schreiber and Jessica Monty have a younger child named Timoteo. After seven years of marriage, his parents broke up in 2014. Pablo and Jessica continue to have an affectionate connection despite separating to protect their kids.

On his father’s side, Timoteo also has two half-siblings. Pablo’s previous marriage to actress Anna Wood produced his elder brother Liev, while his romance with yoga instructor Karina Smirnoff produced his sister Marlowe.

Relationship with Father

Pablo Schreiber is a loving father who often posts photos of his children on social media, especially Timoteo. He likes introducing them to Hollywood by taking them to events like movie premieres.

Pablo expressed his desire to teach his kids moral principles like respect and kindness in an interview with People magazine. Timoteo appears to be a fan of acting, much like his father and could choose it as a career in the future.

Pablo is an actor and producer:

The well-known actor and producer Pablo Schreiber is Timoteo Schreiber’s father. Pablo links his family’s history back to several European nations. He was born in Ymir, Canada, on April 26, 1978. Having been born in Canada, he is currently living in the United States. After earning a degree in theatre from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, Pablo began his career in show business. In 2001, he began his cinematic career with “Bubble Boy” and gained popularity for the role of Nick Sobotka in the television series “The Wire.”

Pablo’s Ongoing Career:

The actor Pablo Schreiber continued his career after “The Wire.” His other television appearances included “Treats,” “Hair,” “American Gods,” and “Defending Jacob.” He also appears in the films “The Devil Has a Name,” “First Man,” “The King’s Daughter,” and “Lorelei,” among others. Pablo has experimented with voice acting for audiobooks, live stage productions, video games, and film. His acting skills have earned him honors, such as the 2014 We Love To Get You Young Hollywood Award. The best thing, though? Pablo is still involved in the performing industry.

Jessica Timoteo’s Mom:

American chef and yoga instructor Jessica Monty is the mother of Timoteo Schreiber. She was born in Miami, Florida, on May 21, 1980, and is of American and Cuban descent. Although her early schooling is not well known, she attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition after earning her degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute. Jessica is a cook at the Kelly Slater Wave Company, preparing wholesome dishes. She teaches yoga and surfs professionally as well.

Pablo and Jessica’s Marriage and Separation:

In a yoga session, Pablo Schreiber and Jessica Monty first became met. They were married in 2007. There is little information available about their wedding. Nevertheless, Jessica opted for divorce in 2013—nearly seven years into their marriage—for reasons that remain a secret. Pablo was denied the right to act as his attorney in the divorce procedures. Following their divorce in 2015, Jessica was given the sole custody of their kids. In addition, they agreed to shared custody, and a $93,000 divorce settlement and $8,500 monthly spousal maintenance were granted.

New Beginnings:

After moving on, Jessica Monty started dating Dr. Matt Montee, a California functional medicine practitioner, athlete, and surfer, in 2018. Pablo also experimented with dating, briefly going out on a date with dance choreographer Karina Smirnoff. However, the connection didn’t last long. Jessica’s relationship status has changed, but Pablo has not revealed his present status.

Meet Timoteo’s Younger Brother, Dante Schreiber:

Dante Schreiber was born on February 19, 2012, four years after his older brother, Timoteo. Like his elder brother, Dante is a private person, and little is known about his educational background or intended job path. He is known to have a close relationship with Timoteo, his older brother.

Strong Bond with Dad

Timoteo Schreiber and his father, Pablo, seem to have a close relationship. In interviews, Pablo stated that his kids would rather spend more time with him than their mother. He frequently posts pictures of their travels and experiences on social media to show how much fun they have together. Despite his busy work, Pablo tries to spend time with his kids on trips, swimming, riding horses, hiking, and other activities. The fact that Pablo was an outstanding basketball player in school before deciding not to play professionally shows how much they both enjoy the game.

Final Veridct:

Despite coming from a well-known family, Timoteo Schreiber had a typical childhood and a close bond with his father, Pablo Schreiber. He may get into show business when he gets older. He has a nice family and is a gifted young man. From Timoteo’s story, we can map out our pathways. We’ll follow his adventure and hope it’s successful. Growing up under the spotlight is difficult, but Timoteo Schreiber is succeeding. Keep an eye on him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Timoteo Schreiber?

Timoteo Schreiber was born in 2008, making him 14.

What kind of relationship does Timoteo have with his father?

Timoteo and his father, Pablo Schreiber, share a passion for performing and a strong relationship. Pablo has also expressed his love and support for his kids clearly.

Is Timoteo related to any siblings?

It’s true that Timoteo has two half-siblings from his father’s past relationships: Marlowe Schreiber, his younger sister, and Liev Schreiber, his older brother.

Is Timoteo considering acting as a career path?

Timoteo has not released any formal declarations, although he has demonstrated an interest in performing and has been spotted attending premieres and events with his father. If he follows in his father’s footsteps, only time will tell.

What strategies has Timoteo used to maintain his privacy as the celebrity’s son?

Timoteo’s parents have worked hard to protect their kids’ privacy and to keep them out of the spotlight. In addition, they place a high value on spending time as a family away from the spotlight. Timoteo’s upbringing has been a major factor in his ability to lead a typical life away from the flash and glamour of Hollywood. So, let’s be considerate of his privacy.