Tobyn Jacobs Parents: The Cool Artist with Awesome Parents

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Tobyn Jacobs.

Do you love those people who are creative? Tobyn Jacobs is a famous name in paper-cut art and the creative mind.  Tobyn Jacobs, a remarkably talented 21-year-old, has carved a niche for himself in the art world.

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the awesomeness of Tobyn Jacobs? His loving parents Jim Jacobs and Karyn Kobayashi are supporting him. These two individuals have played a significant role in shaping Tobyn’s career as an artist.

Tobyn Jacobs, a talented American paper craft artist who makes cool things out of paper, has caught people’s attention with his amazing and detailed designs. Every artist begins somewhere, and for Tobyn Jacobs, it all began at home. His family liked it when he drew and made things, so he started doing more of it.

This article aims to give you a detailed look into the lives of Tobyn Jacobs parents and how they played a crucial role in shaping him into the artist he is today.


A Quick bio of Tobyn Jacobs

Full name Tobyn Jacobs
NicknameTobyn Jacobs
Date of birth3-Oct-02
BirthplaceSan Diego Metropolitan, United States
Age21 years old
Ethnicity Asian
Famous ForAmerican papercraft artist on Internet
CareerYoutube channel “”The Sayaka Guy”
Catogary Biograpghy
FatherMr. Jim Jacobs
MotherMrs. Karyn Kobayashi.
siblingsJanissa Rose Jacob
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
Height5 feet and 6 inches (167cm)
SchoolPrivate high school
UniversitySan Diego University
reason of his popularity Parents
Net worth $2 million

Tobyn Jacobs Background:

Tobyn Jacobs, the creative genius, comes from sunny San Diego, California. But guess what’s even cooler? His family roots go from North Korea to Somalia, giving him a mix of experiences that really shapes his awesome work. This diverse background adds something special to Tobyn’s creations, making them a must-check for a unique and culturally rich perspective.

Tobyn Jacobs Creative Adventure: From School to ‘The Sayaka Guy’

Tobyn Jacobs, is a graduate of a local Italian Harvard Extension secondary school. Tobyn is also an art school. This schooling helped him get the right training for his successful career. Despite not having much interest in studying, he still decided to go for higher education. Surprisingly, he did really well at Harvard University, Brown University, and even MIT. He explored everything from space to ancient times and technology. 

Even though Tobyn Jacobs doesn’t do cryptocurrency stuff, he learned some cool things from his mom. Like using digital stuff in his art and why being online is important, Tobyn got those ideas from his mom’s tech world.

Tobyn Jacobs learned a lot about different types of music because of his dad. Even though Tobyn doesn’t make music, his dad’s love for it rubbed off on him. It made Tobyn think about art in a bigger way and how to be good at lots of things.

His artistic passion and creativity are brilliantly showcased on his Instagram account. He enjoys making short videos (reels) and sharing them on social media. He uses his TikTok account to express his art, sharing his video creations.

But Tobyn Jacobs journey doesn’t stop there. Elevating his creativity to new heights, he has become a sensation through his YouTube channel, “The Sayaka Guy.” Tobyn Jacobs is not your typical student. He goes beyond traditional studies, getting into fun activities like paper cutting and building giant waifus. You can check his creativity and intellectual level art through social media platforms and YouTube channels. His big words reflect his mindset.   

Tobyn Jacobs Net Worth:

It’s fascinating that Tobyn has built his significant career over 21 years, as reflected in his earnings. Tobyn’s expected net worth will be $2 million in 2024. His social media earnings show that he’s smart with his art and has done well online.

Tobyn’s parents are financially comfortable, and Jim’s net worth is an impressive $5 million and Karyn’s net income is $1 million.  When you tally up the Jacobs family’s overall assets, their combined net worth surpasses $8 million. This financial security unquestionably gives Tobyn the means and encouragement to follow his creative dreams.  

Meet the Cool Tobyn Jacobs Parents:

Now, let’s talk about the architects of Tobyn’s coolness – his parents.

Jim Jacobs – The Entertainment Guru:

Jim Jacobs

Robyn’s father was born on October 7, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a regular family but didn’t let that stop him. He loved music a lot, and that passion made him famous. Robyn’dad started his career in theatre and acting at Northwestern University. Jim Jacobs is a talented American theatre artist and he’s really famous in the music world. jim is popular as the composer of Grease, The Musical and sincere in his field. He’s known for making great music, and his musical skills have had a big impact on Tobyn.

Karyn Kobayashi – The Glamorous Techie:

Karyn Kobayashi

Karyn Kobayashi started as a dancer and model, and founded a dance studio called “Dance With Me.”  Now, Tobyn’s mom is Karyn Kobayashi interested in technology and works with something called cryptocurrency, which is like digital money. 

Karyn didn’t plan to dive into cryptocurrency. She kind of stumbled upon it when it was just starting out. Because she knows a lot about computers, she saw how cool and special it was. That’s how she became a tech wizard, like magic in the world of tech. 

She’s now a Blockventures Jr. Advisor – talk about a cool career switch.

The Tobyn Jacobs Parents Legacy:

Money matters? Yup, the Jacobs family is loaded, thanks to Jim’s showbiz success and Karyn’s tech adventures. They’ve not just given Tobyn a cool upbringing but also shaped his whole vibe.

Growing up with creative parents like Jim and Karyn is like having your personal cheering squad. They didn’t just watch Tobyn’s art journey; they jumped right in, cheering him on at every turn.

In most families, art and tech live in different worlds, but not in Tobyn’s home. They team up like the coolest dance partners. Wondering how this combo makes Tobyn’s art even cooler?

Tobyn’s mom, Karyn, knows a bunch about tech, and that coolness shows up in Tobyn’s art. From showing off his cool creations online to using fancy tech tools, you can see his mom’s touch.

Mix Jim’s music skills with Karyn’s tech magic, and you get Tobyn’s secret recipe. His art becomes this super cool mix of music and gadgets, making it stand out big time.

Take a peek into Tobyn’s world, where his art isn’t just drawings; it’s this amazing mix of music and technology. Come along for the ride and find out why his unique style makes him one-of-a-kind!


Tobyn Jacobs is not just a talented artist; he’s a cool dude with an even cooler family. Jim and Karyn, with their entertainment and tech backgrounds, have set the stage for Tobyn’s road journey. So, next time you see Tobyn’s awesome creations, remember – it’s a family affair. 

Tobyn Jacobs, the 21-year-old paper-cut artist, emerges not just as a talent but as a product of a dynamic collaboration between his artistically-inclined parents, Jim Jacobs and Karyn Kobayashi. Their diverse backgrounds, Jim’s influence from theater and music, and Karyn’s unexpected leap into cryptocurrency, contribute to Tobyn’s unique blend of art, music, and technology. The Jacobs family’s financial success becomes the backdrop, offering Tobyn the support to turn his creative dreams into reality. In essence, Tobyn’s cool and innovative art is a family affair, a fascinating fusion that sets him apart in the artistic landscape.

Questions about Tobyn Jacobs’ Parents:

  • Who helped raise Tobyn Jacobs? 
  • Tobyn’s parents, Jim Jacobs and Karyn Kobayashi, played a big role in his life.
  • What is Jim Jacobs famous for? 
  • Jim Jacobs is well-known for co-writing the Broadway play “Grease” with Warren Casey.
  • How has Karyn Kobayashi’s career changed? 
  • Karyn started as a dancer and model, then worked in entertainment production. She later got into cryptocurrency, showcasing her many skills.
  • Is the Jacobs family known for wealth and legacy? 
  • Yes, with Jim’s success in entertainment and Karyn’s achievements in technology, the Jacobs family has a rich legacy and prosperity.
  • How does Tobyn Jacobs include his diverse background in his work? 
  • Tobyn, connected to San Diego, Pyongyang, and Hargeisa, brings his diverse heritage into his art, offering a unique perspective.