Trace Gallagher Wife: All About Fox News Star

By Alyssa Kingsbury

In the news world, Trace Gallagher is a famous role model, especially on Fox News. He is renowned for reporting on breaking events and talking about significant social concerns. However, who is the beautiful woman in his life? Now, let’s explore his tale.

Early Years and Career Start

On September 10, 1961, Trace Gallagher was born in San Diego, California, and had the most incredible start of his life. His high school career was highlighted by his success as a quarterback and his participation on the football team at San Diego University. He began his journalism career in 1996 when he joined Fox News, eventually becoming co-anchor of The Live Desk and chief breaking news correspondent.


Gallagher has a remarkable educational background. After playing football for Mammoth High School, he attended the University of San Diego to get his business bachelor’s degree. He was more relaxed under pressure because of his football background.


The family of Trace Gallagher is close-knit. His mother, Patricia, stays at home while his father, Thomas, practices law. He is very close to his sister Tracy. These family beliefs affect his own family life.

Trace Gallagher Wife:

Trace Gallagher Wife

After getting married on September 17, 1994, Trace and Tracy Holmes Gallagher led a life of peace together. Tracy’s real profession is still unknown, even though she is sometimes referred to as a news reporter and travel journalist.

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Height and Weight:

Do you want to understand who’s behind the news? For anyone who wishes to know Trace’s height, weight, and age, here are the details. His weight is 70 kg (155 lbs), and his age is 61. He is also 5 feet 11 inches tall. 

Trace and Tracy:

The fact that Trace and Tracy have had a happy marriage for nearly 30 years is admirable. Trace thanked his wife and celebrated their recent anniversary, expressing his love and appreciation for their lasting relationship.

The Star of Fox News:

Fox News’s best person for breaking news is Trace Gallagher. His coverage of topics since joining in 1996 has included everything from major cases to royal births to controversies involving college admissions. You can rely on him to keep you informed about significant news events.

Total Worth:

A well-known journalist like Trace Gallagher has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million. Covering major events like the Zimmerman Murder Trial and the Russia-Ukraine War has helped him succeed.


Reporter Trace Gallagher has demonstrated a talent for reporting breaking events and addressing important social issues at Fox events. As a writer with a bachelor’s degree in business and a football background in high school, he has developed a calm and collected style. He stands out by dedicating himself to protecting family values and he has been happily married to Tracy Holmes Gallagher for nearly thirty years. With his successful career at Fox News and high net worth, Trace Gallagher is well-known in the journalism world for his reliability in informing the public about significant news events.

Queries and Responses:

Q1: When did Trace Gallagher begin his journalism career?

When Trace Gallagher joined Fox News in 1996, he started his journalism career.

Trace Gallagher: who is he?

Renowned American journalist Trace Gallagher is Fox News’ main breaking news correspondent. He is renowned for talking about societal concerns and reporting on essential incidents. 

When was Trace Gallagher born?

On September 10, 1961, Trace Gallagher was born in San Diego, California.

To whom is Trace Gallagher wed?

Tracy Holmes Gallagher is the wife of Trace Gallagher. They have almost thirty years of happy marriage behind them.

What kind of education has Trace Gallagher received?

Before graduating from the University of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in business, Trace Gallagher played football for Mammoth High School.

What is the net worth of Trace Gallagher?

Due to his successful journalism career, Trace Gallagher’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million. 

Who are the family members of Trace Gallagher?

Thomas, a lawyer, and Patricia, a housewife, are the parents of Trace Gallagher. Tracy is his sister’s name. Lily and Evy, his two children, married Tracy Holmes Gallagher. 

When did Trace Gallagher begin working at Fox News?

Fox News hired Trace Gallagher in 1996.

Which noteworthy occasions has Trace Gallagher covered?

Trace Gallagher has covered a wide range of issues throughout his time at Fox News, including royal births, prominent trials, and controversies involving college admissions. He is renowned for his in-depth reporting on significant societal topics and breaking events. 

What is the duration of Trace Gallagher’s marriage?

September 17 marks the happy anniversary of Trace Gallagher’s nearly 30-year marriage to Tracy Holmes Gallagher.

What are some of Trace Gallagher’s personal details?

This excellent journalist, Trace Gallagher, weight about 70 kg (155 lbs) and is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He is 61 years old as of 2023. 

Why is Trace Gallagher a person who inspires people?

Trace Gallagher is a role model for journalists and anybody aiming to achieve a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives because of his commitment to his work, strong sense of family values, and happy marriage.