Step By Step Detailed | Verivery Members Profile 2023!!!

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Verivery is a group that has been establishing itself in the vast and fascinating world of K-Pop. Globally, K-Pop fans have fallen in love with Verivery because of their creative concept and appealing sound. In order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this emerging K-Pop phenomenon, we’ll examine each member of Verivery in further detail and explore their intriguing biographies in this article.

After reading through each member’s profile, it’s easy to see that Verivery is a family of talented individuals connected by their commitment to and love of their profession instead of only a musical group. On stage, their unique talents—whether in dancing, singing, or songwriting—combine to produce an exciting combination.


Verivery’s dynamic leader, Dongheon, is well-known for his powerful stage presence. He was born in South Korea on August 4, 1995, and has both singing and dancing skills. He is a vital pillar of Verivery because of his admirable commitment to the club and his fellow members.


In the group, Kang Hoyoung, who was born on August 10, 1998, is a broad artist. In addition to being a fascinating vocalist, he writes songs and often contributes them to Verivery’s catalogue. Hoyoung is a delightful presence on and off the stage because of his contagious enthusiasm and pleasant personality.

The Minchan:

Born on September 16, 1998, Hong Minchan offers Verivery a special combination of abilities. In addition to being the group’s principal dancer, he is also a gifted rapper. The energetic elements of Minchan’s rap stretches and engaging dance skills enhance Verivery’s performances.

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Born on July 3, 1999, Kang Gyeheon is the main vocalist in the group and is renowned for his beautiful and soulful voice. His ability to sing beautifully gives Verivery’s songs more depth and emotion, and his passionate performances enthral fans.


Choi Yeonho, the lead vocalist of Verivery, was born on February 13, 2000. He has a devoted fan base because of his strong and passionate singing. Yeonho’s vocal variety and passion have impacted fans and critics greatly.


Born on February 17, 2000, Kim Yongseung leads the group’s dance and vocal departments. He is an essential component of Verivery’s fascinating presentations because of his versatility in both dancing and singing. Yongseung’s charisma and stage presence are just remarkable.


Choi Kangmin, the youngest member of Verivery, was born on January 25, 2003. Kangmin has a beautiful attitude and amazing dancing skills despite his young age. His youthful, exuberant energy gives the group’s explosive performances a new dimension

Final Words

Verivery is a K-Pop group that’s becoming more well-known for its songs as well as for the distinctive attributes that each member brings to the stage. This in-depth examination of Verivery members’ biographies reveals their wide range of skills and close-knit community, both of which have surely aided in the group’s success. It’s evident that Verivery’s future is as bright as their abilities are dynamic as they continue to wow the K-Pop industry and capture the hearts of fans everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs

Who is Verivery’s leader?

Verivery’s leader is Dongheon. He is renowned for his commitment to the group and commanding presence on stage.

What is the youngest Verivery member’s birthdate?

 Choi Kangmin, the youngest member of Verivery, was born on January 25, 2003.

What skills does Hoyoung bring to the group? 

In Verivery, Kang Hoyoung is a multifaceted artist. In addition to providing vocals, he writes songs and adds them to the group’s repertoire.

Which member of Verivery is the lead dancer? 

The lead dancer for Verivery, Hong Minchan, is renowned for his amazing dancing abilities.

Who is Verivery’s lead vocalist?

Choi Yeonho is the lead vocalist for Verivery. He is renowned for her passionate and forceful vocals.

In Verivery, what part does Kim Yongseung play?

For Verivery, Kim Yongseung is the lead vocalist and dancer. His range as a singer and dancer is essential to the group’s performances.

When was Verivery established?

2018 saw the formation of Verivery under the Jellyfish Entertainment banner.

What distinguishes Verivery from other K-Pop artists?

Verivery stands out in the K-Pop scene thanks to their distinctive idea, enthralling music, and members’ wide range of skills.

Do Verivery’s members share a close bond with one another?

Indeed, Verivery’s success as a group has been largely attributed to its close-knit membership.