How to wear chain with a polo shirt

By Alyssa Kingsbury

If you are accessorizing lover person and is wondering for different ideas on wearing chain on polo shirts, then you should pay attention to our advice.

Chains are the fast fashion accessiors that put on modest extension to your appearance in a flashy and classy way. A new chain exhibits its stylistic value only when you wear it around your neck over a polo. Polo with chain go well together and gives you a pro and elegant look .

If you are wearing a polo shirt of halara fashion brand, it depends upon your sense of style either to wear a bow tie with polo or go with chain over or under the polo

For beginners,  choosing a right chain for the first time might be challenging ,chains come in many varieties such as gold plated belcher chains or crystal studded Cuban ones. Here are some tips below on how to wear a polo in an efficiently and trend setting way.

Tone up with your metal color

Although there are many different colors of chains, but the two classics shades consists of gold and silver. Your chain should make sense with your polo. If you are a person who adores to wear ring, watch or bracelet, it’s ideal to keep the outfit organized by wearing the same tone that’ll give you relaxed but elegant look.

Perfect length of chain in accordance you’re your physique

Chains comes in different styles and sizes, the length of the chain will definitely be consider for mature and sophisticated appearance effortlessly. Depending upon:

  • The outfit you wear,
  • The height of person,

Either you wear it over or under the polo ,the length of the chain varies.

 But remember to keep the outfit clean and tidy and you should know the skill how to wash a polo shirt so your overall look will be attractive and stylish.

If you are aiming for a more relax or easy-going style with your polo’s buttoned, you should go for lengthy chains that are simple to put over and ranges between 26-30 inches. On the other hand, if you prefer to keep things discreet by wearing an underneath chain you’ll generally be more relaxed with 20 inches chain that’ll give you more stylish look by resting on your chest or neck.

Additionally, If you’re taller, you look could be slightly off if you wear a short chain, you should opt for long chains. Shorter chains are the best options if you have medium to small height and delicate built.

Over or under the polo

Depending upon the style of your preference, you can wear your chain over or under the polo. Some people prefer over shirt chain vibe, with more classy and urban infused figure, showing the chain over the polo. Other might more be comfortable with unbuttoning the polo , showing off a bit of their chest and chain for a more casual approach. You’re free to choose your own favorite style.

Couple of chains for more drastic appearance

If you want more dramatic style, why not to go wild and wear layers of chain? what stops you to look sloppy? Try  couples of chain with different texture, length ,thickness . Thin chain on the top followed by the thickened ones.

Why not to be daring with pendent chain?

if you want to express yourself daring, use 2-3 chains perhaps one with pendent of almost 18 inches  then layer them up. Leather and wood pendant can add more casual appearance. Pendant can be a symbol of your personal interest and hobbies to make a stylish statement with your polo. Others use birthstones according to their sense of style.

End Note

If you adore accessorizing with polo, then don’t take any fear and  think about above given advice to express your personality and achieve a chic and up to date style. There is total description of tips and tricks to wear chain with polo shirt in a fashionable and trendy way


Can a chain be worn with a polo shirt?

Yes ,to create a more legendary or stylistic appearance, you can wear the chain of perfect length and texture that make a complete look  with the polo and unbutton or button your polo according to your sense of style. 

Can I wear the chain with the collared shirt?

Yes of course, either you go for a traditional event or going casual, chain over a collared shirt creates a different impression on someone. It looks both stylish and trendy. Just choose a right length and tucked inside the collar of your collared shirt.

Should I remove my metal chain before I take shower?

As you go for bath, remove all the jewelry and timepieces for their long lasting  shine and attraction. If you unintentionally forget to remove ,and your chain is wet and get soaped , immediately rinse it off with luke warm water ,then gently dry it completely with soft fabric.

Can pendant with chain work best for the festive look?

Medium length  chain with light pendant works best with casual shirt and heavy pendants will highlight the look in festive occasions .you can play with layering the chain based on the occasion you are going to.