Who Is Jordy Burrows? About Ex Husband Of Nathalie Kelley 

By Alyssa Kingsbury

“After marrying Australian actress Nathalie Kelley, Burrows became a well-known figure in Australia.”

Who Is Jordy Burrows?

Well, the first question comes in mind is who is Jordy Burrows? Sydney-born Jordy Burrows is an Australian DJ who was born in 1983. Jord Burrows is a forty-year-old with an interesting past. He is famous on social media platforms and is present in the entertainment and hospitality world. He was a hospitality advisor renowned for his skillful bar and hotel management. According to the LinkedIn profile, he worked as a general manager from 2004 until 2013 for companies like Ryan’s Hotels, The Bucket List Bondi, and Bondi Beach Public Bar. 

His profession little knows him, but he is very famous for his ex-wife, Nathalie Kelley.  She is a Hollywood actress known for her roles in The Vampire Diaries, The Baker and the Beauty, and Dynasty; she became famous. Kelley is also a big part of the action movie “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” as “Neela.” Because of his relationship with Peruvian actress Nathalie Kelley, Jordy became well-known.

“Let’s closer look at the interesting facts about Jordy Burrows’s life.”

Education of Jordy Burrows

Jordy Burrows and his ex-wife should not demonstrate their education and other more personal life details. However, Jordy Burrows’s working activities show he is skilled and has many skills. 

Many educational sources demonstrate that he got a college degree (graduate) from Asquith Boys High School in Asquith, New South Wales. 

Upon graduating from Asquith Boys High School in New South Wales, Jordy Burrows had a great career as a general manager. Following from New South Wales’ Asquith Boys High School, Jordy Burrows enjoyed a successful career as a general manager. 

He went to a university and got a general management degree in business. He worked for companies like Ryan’s Hotels, The Bucket List Bondi, and Bondi Beach Public Bar. His job in these companies shows that he is a talented man. 


Who is Nathalie Kelley?

Nathalie Kelley 

Meet Nathalie Kelley, the Australian actress born in Peru in 1985 with mixed ancestry. Her family moved to Australia when she was two years old, 


Nathalie Kelley is a widely recognized Hollywood actress with many talents. Her acting profession made her a worldwide personality. She began her education at North Sydney Girls High School and went on to NIDA for her acting training. With a successful career that includes TV shows and films like CSI and Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are,”

Networth of the Couple

Nathalie Kelley became a rich lady due to her acting career; her estimated wealth is $700,000.

Jordy and Nathalie’s Romantic Journey and Break Up?

Jordy Burrows marriage with Nathalie Kelley 

Jordy and Nathalie’s love story began in Australia. They met through a friend while Nathalie was on vacation. They met shortly before the 2018 New Year’s celebrations. As their romance grew, Nathalie surprised him with a stunning proposal when they were on vacation in Merida. They both found love and got married. Nathalie, a talented actress from Peru, and Jordy tied the knot in Sydney in 2018. 

At a private ceremony held at The Island in Potts Point, Sydney, they made their official engagement known in front of a sizable media gathering. After getting married, the pair went to several glamorous and posted pictures of their happy lives on social media. They didn’t have kids, but they were happy together.

They live together for a short period. In early 2020, rumors that Jordy and Natalie were divorcing occurred. According to their friends and family members, they separated in 2019. Although they didn’t officially announce, they no longer live together. Jordy now lives with a close friend, and Nathalie is focused on her new projects for the future. 

Jordy disclosed in an interview that they lived together, and their marriage continues. He says he was in Australia attending to family-related matters, and his wife wants to live in the USA to complete her professional work. He emphasized that Jordy and Nathalie decided to maintain the privacy of their personal information.

Despite this claim of Jordy, his wife Nathalie Kelley shared the charming pictures on Instagram with her boyfriend, whose name is Andres Alonso. Their close and lavish pictures show the divorce of Jordy and Nathalie Kelley. But there is no confirmation about their breakup and the reason for their breakup. 

Height and Appearance of Jordy Burrow

His look shows that he is a tall, beautiful, prominent man. Her black-coloured eyes and hair give him an overall charming look. The question arises: how tall is Jordy Burrow? He is 6 feet tall and weighs 72kg. 

Last thoughts

Jordy Burrows was born in Sydney, Australia, and has white ancestry. He is a DJ who sometimes sings songs on beach sides. He is also a hospitality advisor and worked as a hotel manager in many companies like Ryan’s Hotels, The Bucket List Bondi, and Bondi Beach Public Bar from 2004 to 2013. He became famous after married to Hollywood actress Nathalie Kelley.  

In 2019, rumors of their possible separation began circulating, adding complexity to their already complex love story. Jordy prefers to keep things private, but if you look at Nathalie’s Instagram, there appears to be more going on, illustrating how celebrities can make matters personal a little more complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jordy Burrows and His Relationship with Nathalie Kelley

1. Who is Jordy Burrows?

Jordy Burrows is a Sydney-born Australian DJ born in 1983. He became popular, particularly for his marriage to Hollywood actress Nathalie Kelley.

2. What is the professional work of Jordy Burrows?

Jordy Burrows is expertise in hospitality, working as a general manager for companies like Ryan’s Hotels, The Bucket List Bondi, and Bondi Beach Public Bar. He is also a social media personality. 

3. What is Jordy Burrows’s educational background?

He graduated from Asquith Boys High School in Asquith, New South Wales, and then got an education, a general management degree, and a business from a university. 

4. Who is Nathalie Kelley?

Nathalie Kelley is a Peruvian-born Australian actress born in 1985. She is known for her roles in The Vampire Diaries, The Baker and the Beauty Dynasty, and “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” as “Neela.”

5. Where did Nathalie Kelley receive her education?

Nathalie Kelley attended North Sydney Girls High School and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) to pursue her education in acting.

6. What is Nathalie Kelley’s net worth?

Nathalie Kelley’s estimated net worth is $700,000, primarily through her successful acting career.

7. How did Jordy and Nathalie meet for the first time and get married?

They met in Australia through a mutual friend, and their romance grew. They got engaged 2018 in a private ceremony at The Island in Potts Point, Sydney.  

8. When did Jordy and Nathalie separate?

Rumors of their separation started in 2010, with some sources indicating they no longer lived together. The friend says that they separated in 2019. However, Jordy claimed in an interview that their marriage was still ongoing.

9. Did Jordy and Nathalie break up?

While Jordy claimed they were still married, Nathalie posted pictures with Andres Alonso’s boyfriend on Instagram, hinting at a breakup. Yet, there’s no official confirmation or clear reason for their separation.

10. Why did people pay attention to Jordy and Nathalie’s relationship?

Jordy and Nathalie’s relationship gained notice because Nathalie Kelley is a famous Hollywood actress. This led to increased public interest in their marriage and rumors of separation in 2019.