Who Is Lee Asher’s Wife? Explore The Interesting Facts Of 2023

By Alyssa Kingsbury

Lee Asher changed professions to become a well-known dog rescuer from corporate gym training. Lee Asher is famous due to his popular YouTube Channel, “The Asher House” and his massive Instagram and YouTube followers. Working with his old business partner Luke Barton, Asher also runs The Asher House, a registered non-profit sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon. There has been speculation on whether they can provide a permanent relationship due to their significant collaboration in dog adoption and sheltering.

Many people try to find out a secret: who is Lee Asher wife? Lee Asher is currently still waiting to be married. He is not dating anyone and doesn’t seem interested in starting a relationship anytime soon. He is also not looking for a girlfriend. So, it is the reality that in 2023, Lee Asher is still unmarried. 

Fans regularly speculate about his love life, wondering whether he’s secretly involved with someone or if he might be gay, despite his good looks and admirable work in dog rescue. Continue reading to learn more about the personal and professional lives of Lee Asher.

About Lee Asher

About Lee Asher

American social media celebrity, physical trainer, and businessman, he was born in Florida, USA, on August 25, 1988. In 2024, he will turn 36 years old. He has a sister named Alexis, a dad who enjoys magic named Mark Horowitz, and a mother named Louise.

Along with his parents and older brother, D.J. Gugenheim, Lee lived there for the majority of his youth. Lee is well-known for his commitment to dog welfare and rescue. Famous dog lover Lee Asher has adopted almost 500 pets. His YouTube channel, The Asher House, helped him become well-known. 

Is Lee Asher married in 2023?

As of now, Lee Asher is not married. While he maintains a level of privacy about his personal life, there is no recent evidence or sightings suggesting that he has a life partner.

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

In 2023, Lee Asher isn’t dating anyone, but he used to be in relationships. One was with Ana Rubiolo, who loves animals too, this relationship was a short time. After that, he dated Sydney Ferbrache, a blogger and adventurer who likes animals as well. Sadly, we don’t know a lot about their time together, and they eventually went their separate ways.

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Who’s Ana Rubiol?

Rubiol is a unique individual from Lee Asher’s history. When they were in a relationship, Ana was a major help to Lee in his goal. They had many trips together and shared stories that demonstrated their devotion to and affection for animals. Ana had a strong passion for animal rescue and frequently assisted The Asher House’s owner with dog rescues.

Is Lee Asher a gay person?

Is Lee Asher a gay person

Despite social media guessing, Lee Asher is straight. When fans made suggestions about a romantic relationship with his ex-business partner, Luke Barton, rumors started to circulate. In the face of these allegations, Lee maintained his self-control and did not speak out against the rumours. But, indeed, Lee Asher and Luke Barton are not in a romantic relationship. They co-founded The Asher House, a dog shelter, but Luke left the business after around two years. 

Career Journey

Before becoming known for rescuing dogs, Lee Asher worked as a corporate gym trainer and was really into fitness. In 2008, he started No Limit Fitness AZ, running it for two years before changing his focus. He then spent two years as a senior peak performance strategist at Anthony Robbins Companies and eleven months as a leadership development manager at Community Loans of America. In July 2013, he left to create TheAsherApproach.com. 

In 2019, he and Luke Barton founded The Asher House and began an RV journey to raise awareness of dog shelters across the country. Lee didn’t stop when Luke departed in April 2019. Taking over, he carried on the effort to save dogs across the nation.

Lee, though, goes above and beyond. Making sure the dogs are comfortable is just as important as saving them for him. To make moving them easier, he went and purchased a $65,000 bus, and he budgets $8,000 a month specifically for their food. And get this: from all around America, he has saved over 500 pets. That is a true sign of puppy love.

The financial situation of Lee Asher

Lee Asher earned about $2 million as of 2023. His company, which brings in between $1.08 million and $1.56 million a year, provides the majority of his income. Furthermore, he gets paid a monthly wage that varies between $90,000 and $130,000 as a result of his business and physical training contracts.


In Lee Asher’s cool life story, finding a wife isn’t his main thing right now. As of 2023, he’s not into dating and is all about helping dogs. He and his friend Luke started The Asher House to rescue dogs, and even though people wonder if they’re more than friends, there’s no proof of that.

Lee had short relationships with two animal-loving girls, Ana and Sydney. But for now, he’s just doing his thing—saving dogs and living a single life. It was said that he liked guys, but now he’s clear that he likes girls.

Besides his love life, Lee’s job journey is interesting. He used to work at a gym, then started The Asher House, which made him around $2 million in 2023. Although he isn’t looking for love, he is doing well and helping furry friends everywhere.

FAQs about Lee Asher’s Life and Career

Is Lee Asher married in 2023?

No, Lee Asher is not married. As of 2023, he is focused on his mission of rescuing and rehoming dogs, prioritizing his commitment to canine welfare over personal relationships.

Does Lee Asher have a girlfriend?

Currently, Lee Asher is not dating anyone. While he has had short relationships in the past, his main focus remains on his work with dogs, and he is not actively seeking a girlfriend.

Who are Ana Rubiolo and Sydney Ferbrache?

Ana Rubiolo and Sydney Ferbrache are two individuals from Lee Asher’s past relationships. Both shared his passion for animals and while details about their time together are limited, their connections highlight Lee’s affinity for like-minded partners.

Is there a romantic relationship between Lee Asher and Luke Barton?

No, there is no evidence of a romantic relationship between Lee Asher and Luke Barton. They co-founded The Asher House, a dog shelter, and have a strong professional partnership focused on dog rescue.

What is Lee Asher’s sexual orientation?

Lee Asher has confirmed that he is straight. Despite rumors and speculations, particularly related to his professional collaboration with Luke Barton, Lee maintains his focus on his advocacy for dogs.

How successful is Lee Asher’s career?

Lee Asher has had a diverse career journey, transitioning from a corporate gym trainer to the founder of The Asher House. As of 2023, his company’s success has brought in approximately $2 million, showcasing both financial success and a significant impact on dog rescue efforts.

What is The Asher House?

The Asher House is a non-profit sanctuary co-founded by Lee Asher and Luke Barton. It is dedicated to rescuing and sheltering dogs, with a focus on raising awareness about dog shelters across the country.

How many pets has Lee Asher adopted?

Lee Asher has adopted almost 500 pets, showcasing his deep commitment to dog welfare. His efforts, documented on his YouTube channel, The Asher House, have helped raise awareness and inspire others to rescue and adopt pets.

What is Lee Asher’s monthly budget for dog-related expenses?

Lee Asher budgets $8,000 a month specifically for the food and well-being of the dogs he rescues. His dedication goes beyond just saving dogs, as he ensures their comfort and care.

What was Lee Asher’s career before dog rescue?

Before becoming a well-known dog rescuer, Lee Asher worked as a corporate gym trainer. He also held positions as a senior peak performance strategist and a leadership development manager before founding The Asher House in 2019.